Miller Questions Murkowski’s Vote Against Her Party to Fund the Rangel Center

CNN is reporting that Democratic Congressman Charlie Rangel is being charged with ethics violations relating to illegal activity and solicitation of funds for the Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Policy at the City College of NY.

US Senate Candidate Joe Miller is calling on Senator Lisa Murkowski to explain why she stood with the Democrats and against the majority of her Republican Senate colleagues in their efforts to block millions in taxpayer funds from being used to build the Charles B. Rangel Center in October of 2007. There is clearly a conflict of interest when a sitting Congressman requests an earmark to build a monument to himself. “I think ordinary Alaskans have to wonder how their Senator cannot see an issue here,” said Miller. “Not only is the Senator’s vote to enable such behavior inappropriate, it raises serious questions about how seriously she considers the trust the taxpayers’ gave her in spending their hard-earned money.”

In an article in the Washington Post today, Senator Murkowski is quoted as saying, “Everything that I do is what is best for the people that I represent.” Beyond the presumption and arrogance of such a paternalistic statement, it begs the question of exactly how millions of dollars taken from hard-working Americans’ pockets to fund a self-aggrandizing project for one of Congress’s most corrupt members is best for the people of Alaska. “I think the Senator owes her constituents an explanation,” Miller said.

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