Governor Mike Huckabee Endorses Joe Miller!

Anchorage, Alaska. August 9, 2010 — Former Arkansas Governor and Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee announced today his endorsement of Joe Miller, candidate for United States Senate in Alaska. Governor Huckabee’s endorsement states, “I [am] pleased to support Joe Miller for U.S. Senate from Alaska. A former State Magistrate and Federal Judge, Joe possesses a deep understanding of the law, but more importantly understands its impact on the people.” Huckabee added, “With the federal government encroaching quickly into every aspect of our lives – we need Joe in the U.S. Senate to help Congress make the correct decisions to bring Washington back to the limited role envisioned by the Founding Founders. There is no doubt that Joe will work to help restore Constitutional limits on Federal power.”

Huckabee’s endorsement comes at an important time with Alaskan voters about to decide, on August 24th, who will be their next Senator. Miller responded, “I am humbled and honored by Governor Huckabee’s endorsement. He’s taken a close look at the candidates and decided Alaska needs new leadership in Washington. We share the belief that the current direction of our country with ever-mounting national debt is not sustainable, and the encroachment of the federal government into more and more of our daily lives is far beyond the Constitutional limits established by our Founders.”
Governor Huckabee added in his endorsement, “Joe is unquestionably pro-life and believes that life must be protected from the moment of conception. A combat veteran and Bronze Star recipient – Joe is a proud supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Joe opposes the bill known as “cap and tax” and will work tirelessly to repeal the hugely unpopular Obamacare. Please join me in supporting Joe Miller – let’s make him Alaska’s next Senator.”