Miller Rejects Obama’s Lawless Immigration Policy; Offers Plan

Anchorage, Alaska. August 4, 2010 — Republican US Senate candidate Joe Miller says the Obama Administration is trying to rule by executive fiat regarding the country’s immigration policy. Miller unveiled his plan for tackling the growing problem of illegal immigration and faulted Senator Murkowski for being on the wrong side of this vital issue.

Late last week, the National Review broke a story indicating the Obama Administration has been working on a way to enact back door amnesty if Congress does not pass a new immigration bill to its liking (see National Review, “The Amnesty Memo,” July 29, 2010). The Obama Administration has also sued the state of Arizona and received a preliminary injunction against enforcement of the state’s new law, which tries to address the growing problems caused by drug trafficking and other illegal border crossings.

Miller, a former U.S. Magistrate Judge, challenged the Obama Administration’s rule by executive order as totally contrary to the Founders’ intent. “It is a simple question. Are we a nation of laws? I believe we are. Therefore, the President must enforce our immigration laws as written and secure our borders, not sue the state of Arizona for acting where the federal government has failed to do so,” said Miller.

Miller offered his plan for dealing with the growing challenging problem of illegal immigration:

  • 1. Build a permanent border and deploy the necessary military and border security personnel to secure it.
  • 2. No Amnesty for the people who broke our laws to come the U.S. Unlawful behavior cannot be rewarded.
  • 3. End the “Catch and Release” policy by making expedited removal of illegal aliens mandatory and require the completion of the US-VISIT entry-exit system, which uses biometric information to confirm the identity of foreign travelers entering and leaving the United States.
  • 4. Require employer verification of worker eligibility to work in the United States and stiffer punitive penalties for knowingly hiring illegal workers.
  • 5. Enact legislation declaring English as the official language.
  • 6. Limit birthright citizenship to the children of United States citizens and legal permanent residents.
  • 7. Deny certain federal funds to states that allow illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses.
  • 8. Deny federal education grants to public universities that violate the law by offering in-state tuition breaks for illegal immigrants.
  • 9. End all loopholes in federal law[s] that benefit illegal aliens, and those who profit from their illegal presence in the United States.

“We must eliminate the incentives that encourage immigrants to cross our borders illegally and work in a black market economy especially when our nation faces widespread unemployment,” Miller said.

Incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski has a different view. Unlike Miller, she voted for amnesty (S.2611, Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act, May 25, 2006). She also voted for continued federal funding for sanctuary cities, against funding a fence along the border, and against requiring our border to be secure before amnesty is granted (See S.Amdt. 1399 to S.Amdt. 1373 to H.R. 2892, July 8, 2009 andS.Amdt. 1311 to S.Amdt. 1150 to S. 1348, June 7, 2007). Miller said, “The incumbent wants to reward people who have broken the law to get into our country. Her position only encourages more people to break the law and threatens our national sovereignty and security.”