Did Weiner Secretly Convert to Islam to Marry a Muslim?

Omar Abu-Namous is the imam of the Islamic Cultural Center in New York and he is encouraging Huma Abedin – a practicing Muslim – to stand by her husband, New York congressman Anthony Weiner. Why would this imam support Anthony Weiner, who was raised Jewish, in a marriage with a practicing Muslim woman?

Every Islamic scholar agrees that it is forbidden for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim. Former Muslim Walid Shoebat has translated the Arabic declarations relative to the validity of the marriage between Weiner and Abedin last year. One such publication Shoebat translated was the Al-Marsid newspaper, which reported on the Weiner/Abedin marriage specifically:

Dr. Anwar Shoeb of the faculty of Islamic law in Kuwait declared that the marriage between Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin is null and void, considering it adultery as confirmed in the Sharia position, prohibiting the marriage of a Muslim woman to a non-Muslim, regardless of whether he is a Jew or a Christian. In this case, he assured the invalidity of the marriage certificate between them.

Abu-Namous is in direct opposition to his Islamic superiors? Why?

Abedin was raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In 2007, the New York Observer wrote (in an article no longer available but cross-posted at FreeRepublic.com) that her mother is a professor in Saudi Arabia and that her father was an Islamic scholar before his death.

Weiner was raised Jewish but admitted to growing up in a non-religious household. If Abedin remains a practicing Muslim and her religion forbids her from marrying a non-Muslim, isn’t she failing to practice Islam? Wouldn’t that be the case unless Weiner converted to Islam? The New York Times reported that Weiner “sometimes fasts with her (Abedin) during Ramadan.” This would indicate that the congressman is more amenable to practicing Islam than Abedin is to practicing Judaism.

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  • Richard Hensley

    The Tea Party MUST vet all candidates that run on the Tea Party label and not allow liberals to split the conservative vote by pretending to be Tea Party members. NY is an example of what can go wrong.

  • bodica

    MINO – Marriage in Name Only! Morganatic Marriages for political expediency are a well established practice where no heir is needed.
    What was needed was: a green card, political and social entree, credibility.
    Weiner’s proclivities were probably already known to Dimwatt insiders, and could (possibly) be leveraged into providing a stepping stone for Ms. Abedin’s entree into NY-DC’s higher political circles.
    Wonder if he or the Dem’rats received a donation from the gold guzzling (Sheikh Makhtoum, June ’12 visit to Serendipity 3 NYC) Sauds.