If you thought feds wanted to track you before, check out now

The federal government is arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court that police investigators and other authorities should be allowed to track American citizens in the U.S. to develop the “probable cause” needed for search warrants and other investigative tools.

But a team of civil-rights experts says such permission would pose a grave danger to freedom-loving citizens who may become the targets of the political influences that hold power at any given moment.

The Supreme Court announced yesterday it will weigh in on the controversy of police attaching GPS tracking devices to citizens’ vehicles to obtain information that may lead to the “probable cause” necessary for search warrants and arrests.

“The court of appeals’ decision, which will require law enforcement officers to obtain a warrant before placing a GPS device on a vehicle if the device will be used for a ‘prolonged’ time period, has created uncertainty surrounding the use of an important law enforcement tool,” said the government’s brief in the case, U.S.A. v. Antoine Jones.

“Although in some investigations the government could establish probable cause and obtain a warrant before using a GPS device, federal law enforcement agencies frequently use tracking devices early in investigations, before suspicions have ripened into probable cause. The court of appeals’ decision prevents law enforcement officers from using GPS devices in an effort to gather information to establish probable cause.”

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  • Thats how it started in Nazi germany isnt it?? with the rights taken away and then the abuse of power by the govt. that took over. Seems very scary to me how no one will actually stand up to obama and his extremist views and how he is taking over Our country, Everyone complains how they do not like what he is doing and has done but No judges no court No one is doing anything to STOP him from taking over the United States. obama must be stopped an everything he has done since he was illegally put into office should be thrown into the trash and clean out everyone who worked with him to steal all that money from US.