Joe Miller focused on defeating Mitt Romney in 2012

Tea Party hero Joe Miller says he’s focused on making sure Mitt Romney doesn’t become president.

In an interview with The Daily Caller, Miller, who unsuccessfully ran for the U.S. Senate in Alaska in 2010, said his Western Representation PAC hopes to spend at least $500,000 campaigning against Romney, a Republican candidate, in early primary states like New Hampshire.

“It’s about getting the government back to its fundamentals, limiting government and showing that Romney is not embracing that approach,” Miller said of his PAC’s “Stop Romney” campaign.

Miller, who chairs the Western Representation PAC, said he’s not supporting any other GOP candidate.

Miller said Romney has a “big government approach.” The PAC will publicize the former Massachusetts governor’s history of flip-flopping, or as Miller said, “where Romney use to be and where he claims to be today.”

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  • Roseofaustin

    I don,t understand why miller would let nobama win another term!

    • RescueKyron

      Rose, we must not be fooled again by electing Obama Lite. Surely you can see how the controllers have grasped Willing Willard and have him on their string now. Trotting him over to Israel. The other country visits are covers for the fact of bowing to Israel. Aren’t you SICK of Israel’s hands in our pockets and around our necks? Israel was the topic in the Debates that “contestants” had to attest to supporting even more times than they did for USA. Ol’ Michele B. screeched her support for Israel from every branch she could land on. (can’t call them candidates that implies some integrity) Willing Willard is now the Controllers’ boy. They will release O and insert Biden for a sure loss to Willard. O will withdraw saying his family wants to go “home” to Chicago. Likely Rahm will step aside and put O in the Mayor of Chicago’s seat… where he will stay until appointed Ruler of the New World Order. Remember that NWO was announced to Americans by Bush 1 in a tv “chat” to Americans. All of these people are very very evil. Very dark, very evil. Bush 1 is mentioned in book The Franklin Coverup. READ IT. Then know why he promoted NWO. Confused? Do searches and find that the Rabbi of Jerusalem “visited” the US Bishops involved i pedophilia and coverups and got them to write letters personally to presidents, starting with Clintoon, insisting on the release of the Jewish Spy Pollard who we tried, convicted and put in Fed Pen for Life. Israel refuses still to tell us what the LIAR&THIEF stole from us and gave to them. THEY REFUSE!! Yet they continue to demand he be released to them. Maybe he is holding some key they need for the secrets he gave, as security to make sure they get him out in case he was penned up. JOE IS RIGHT. THANKS FOR SPENDING THE MONEY AMOUNT OF WHATEVER IT TAKES TO STOP WILLING WILLARD FROM FRONTING FOR THE JERKS WHO WANT OUR MONEY AND HATE US FOR BEING A CHRISTIAN NATION. I say elect the Christian…. only one running and proven… Ron Paul.