Think you know everything there is to know about former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin? Think again.

Since 2008, Mother Jones‘ David Corn has been actively petitioning for access to and public release of Palin’s e-mails. Following in the footsteps of Corn’s initial request, other media outlets subsequently began formally asking the Alaska government to release the e-mails Palin sent during her term. Mediaite sheds additional light on the scenario:

The state of Alaska initially told Corn that they had located 26,552 pages of emails, but are redacting 2,353 pages for unspecified reasons. Along these same lines, Palin apparently also used a personal email address for some of her official correspondence, and while the Alaskan government recovered some of these by looking through the official inboxes of some top officials, it’s possible that some communication was done among Palin’s personal account and the personal accounts of other State officials.

In sum, 24,199 pages will be presented for public viewing. In fact, Yahoo! reports that “Mother Jones, MSNBC.com and ProPublica“ are preparing to make the documents available for mass consumption ”in a searchable archive.”

In an op-ed for the Anchorage Daily News piece, Paul Jenkins writes that the e-mails may paint Palin in a very negative light:

The emails are going to be — if released in readable form after passing through lawyers‘ hands and being scrubbed by the governor’s office — delicious. There likely will be little good news in them for her. Having read only snippets of emails in Palin staffer Frank Bailey’s book, “Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin,“ or ”Hey, I Got Emails Nobody Else Can Get and I Can Make Some Dough,” the venom, bullying, intimidation, absolute paranoia and craziness of the Palin administration spins off the pages.

What do you think about this? Should Palin’s e-mails be released by major media outlets in a “searchable database?” Once public, the media will surely find appealing tidbits to feature and focus upon for some time to come.

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  • Kathryn Calahan

    What constitutes such a sick obsession with finding dirt on Sarah Palin? How would this former staffer feel about all of her email’s becoming public? How about all those reporters? If it’s something criminal I would understand Alsaskan government releasing to proper authorities, but this is unethical. Shame on that greedy staffer, shame on Alaska for not protecting the privacy of their govenor who fights for their state, who fights for this nation.

  • Jennifer

    This is VERY SCARY stuff. Regardless what you think of Gov. Palin &/or her politics (I happen to be a fan) . . . this sets an awful precedent of aggressive, retaliatory tactics by political foes. No wonder politics is largely populated by egomaniacs with God-complexes.

  • Carol

    No..No…No! How can a personal email to anyone be considered Public Record Information which should be available to the general public. Are we all subject to that kind of scrutiny. Has no one the right to their privacy anymore? If they decide to release Sarah Palin’s emails, then someone better get Obama’s emails and have them released to the general public. We also need to get letters and information gathered together about his connections with ACORN and Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright and all the rest. Let’s get the Saudi Kings to publicly release that he is Al Qaeda operative and has been for many, many years. Maybe they’ll shut-up about Sarah Palin.

  • Anne Hansen

    Do we get to see Sen. Obamas emails and those of every other politician? Why should she be singled out. The left is certainly afraid and obsessed with her. They spend hours talking about her.

  • Sandra

    great! now let’s get into those emails from obama and the rest of the leftists. can’t wait to see that.

  • To bad the ones doing this have no good intentions, but to destroy. No, No, the e-mails are hers. lets get e-mails on all our leaders if that is case.