• Debra

    This man seems bored and way out of his element.The gum chewing is helping him get through the boredom. I am not surprised he is showing disrespect, are you?

    • AlaskanPatriot

      I agree….I just cannot understand why so many are so ignorant of this so called President!!!!!????

    • He is doing that on purpose, because of the hatred he has for our Lord, and us.

  • One Citizen

    The disrespect is also from his audience; clearly a bunch of (planted?) liberal students who don’t know how to behave at a memorial service. The adults I know from Missouri wouldn’t behave that way.

  • siteunseen

    He chews gum and spits nails. He’s a disgrace.

  • margaret sheridan

    Truly an embarrassment to our Country.
    Truly a man not of presidential material.
    Truly a man so sick trying to get the approval of his dead daddy that he is psychologically emprisoned in his impossible and US destroying obesssion.
    Truly a man who needs to be impeached or charged for the treasons he is responsible for.

    Truly the real man in the commercial pushing the wheelchair (our Country) and “granny” – our Values – over the cliff.

    Truly a man whom we need to remove from our most honored position of our Country.

  • Could be he is doing for other reasons than boredom. He is letting us know, he is not interested in the things this good is is saying, of God.

  • Linda Sills

    He is disgraceful. Did you expect anything else from this Un-American, Marxist? He hates this country. He has to go!