Perry’s Path to GOP Nomination Could be the Clearest

Maybe Texas Gov. Rick Perry said he’s decided to test the waters on a presidential run just because he’s feels left out.

For all the attention paid to the presidential possibilities of two members of the House (Paul Ryan and Michele Bachmann) and a reality show host (you know who), you’d never know that the Republicans had on their bench the three-term governor of the state with the nation’s best economy and the largest Republican population.

But for some reason, when Perry told people he wasn’t running, reporters believed him. If Chris Christie even flies over Iowa, the blogosphere goes into meltdown mode, but the political press for some reason mostly took Perry at his word.

It seems strange that they would have.

Perry, who has been governor for more than a decade, is a favorite of the Tea Party movement for his tough stands on state sovereignty, border security, taxes and gun rights. Anybody who packs heat when he jogs so he can blow away coyotes that mess with his Labrador retriever and hangs out with Ted Nugent at a Tax Day rally is going to have serious street cred with the Republican base.

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  • John cassis

    Rick Perry is no hero , He did NOTHING to stimulate the TX economy , All he had to do was be here .The States Economy was in full bloom for obvious reasons .Perry was a Democrat His opponents were so bad no one voted for them & once your in Office. in a bonanza economy you can’t do any wrong even though he tried .He has failed miserably to push through desperately needed immigration reform, these bills have all languished in limbo , no help from RP. He’s a professional Politician,Goes along to get along Sure the Texas tea party thinks he’s hot stuff cause he strokes em . So far he’s never had to face up , not focused on what this Nation really needs , Strictly a light weight , better hope he doesn’t run . We don’t need another Ross Perot to screw up the process.

  • siteunseen

    Hey…throw in your hat Perry. The more the merrier. We need to hear some good speeches, and then we can decide who we want to win this election!

  • mike-nj

    Run Perry!

    With all that new shale oil in TX
    you’d better…before O’Dumpster finds a way to steal it from you.