Rick Perry is running

Recently, I wrote about how someone not currently in the race for the Republican nomination who could beat Barack Obama in 2012 with one television ad campaign.

That’s Rick Perry, the governor of Texas.

Maybe I convinced him, because, from what I hear, he’s going to jump into the GOP presidential sweepstakes very soon.

Now, I want to be clear. I am not endorsing Perry. I think he’s a great candidate who can beat Obama. But there are several others running who are great candidates who can also win the presidency. I’m not one of these people who thinks Obama is invulnerable or unbeatable – far from it. The fact that an unnamed Republican candidate beats Obama in the polls today suggests he is all but toast right now.

But let me say this about Rick Perry: His entry into the race will change the dynamics of the Republican primary season.

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  • Lizelot

    Let’s not forget that Perry hails from Bush territory, and we all should be wary of that link, shouldn’t we? He is also known to be in favor of NAFTA, which is going to be another boondoggle of Texas proportions. We need not only somebody who can beat Obama, but also one who cares enough about this nation not to sell it out in order to soft-soap a neighbor we can do without.

    • Lorraine Smith

      Really, the only thing Perry and Bush have in common is living in Texas. Perry has done more for Texas in this economy than Bush ever did with a much better economy. I think he would make a great President.

  • Carol

    I keep hearing good and bad about Perry. I don’t like what I hear about NAFTA. We don’t want Mexico to be part of the United States, do we???? Someone clear this up for me. I’d stick with Michelle Bachmann, as my choice right now.