• Carol

    Your right Ron Paul. If only the rest of the Congress and Senate would listen. If only we didn’t have an Obama for President.

  • Barbara J Struble

    I agree with you, Carol. Ron Paul is right. That is why I support him. His TV ad is also very good. If each of us does all that he/she can to show people that the Constitution, the way our founders intended, is the only way to make our country strong again, we will survive.

  • Deborah Texas

    Ron Paul 2012!!!
    He says it just right, our dollar is the reserve currency, and it has less value as we raise the debt, as goods and services cost more money to buy them. This will make our dollar lose the status of the world’s currency- a worse default than not sending out the checks Aug 2. Dumbies in the news, Brilliant idea for people destroying America.

  • colby

    I’m an Alaskan that campaigned for you in the last election. Thank you for running for the Senate. I would hope you endorse Ron Paul for President. Like you he is a man of principle.

    • Richard Ward

      Amen! colby

  • siteunseen

    Here is a good Video Joe! Needs to be put back on the top of your videos again! Ron Paul 2012!