Ann Coulter joins board for homosexual group

Columnist Ann Coulter, whose work appears weekly on WND, is joining the advisory board of GOProud, the Republican homosexual activist organization whose leaders say they are “conservative.”

The move comes after her controversial decision last fall to speak to the group prompted another conservative conference to withdraw its speaking invitation.

Coulter said in a statement, according to Chris Moody of the blog The Ticket, “I am honored to serve in this capacity on GOProud’s Advisory Council, and look forward to being the queen of fabulous.”

The report said GOProud “has caused a stir within the conservative movement, which is grappling with whether to accept organizations that identify as gay.”

Officials with the Conservative Political Action Conference, CPAC, announced just a few weeks ago that they would no longer allow GOProud to participate as a sponsor of their conference.

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  • Anna Marks

    I have always admired and enjoyed Ann Coulter’s books and opinions.
    I think this is good for the Republican party for her to include this segment.
    I think that sexual orientation is strongly dependent on genes/chromosomes and is not a matter of “choice”.

    • chukker

      Important moral decisions are not based on what we think, since emotions are undependable. There is no scientific evidence to support your “thoughts” that homosexuality is genetic, otherwise there wouldn’t be identical twins where one is homosexual and the other is not. And there are such cases.

      Ann Coulter is no stranger to alienating people, so I’m sure she won’t be phased that she is alienating many of her loyal fans, like me.

      • David Moore

        Important moral decisions need to start with one’s self, Chukker. Christ said, “Let he without sin cast the first stone.” You might want to remember that before you take the podium. No man has the intelligence or the authority to speak for God.

        • JRR

          LOL! Seems like you contradicted yourself there – I mean you did judge his comment to be incorrect. Your comment was lame enough to be considered a total farce.

          God will speak for God and He does so in the Bible where He says much on homosexuality. God also states that His word is useful for rebuking and correcting. To do so requires judgement and discernment.

          • chukker

            My sentiments exactly.

  • David Gray

    While the vast majorities of the gay community are liberals, it would be wrong to discriminate against gays on the basis of their lifestyle choices. This is not to say that gay marriage or teaching that gay activity is “normal” in schools is right.

    • JRR

      A PACs goal is to further a political agenda. I do believe that a homosexual individual is to be treated fairly as an individual. However, something is very wrong when another individual who disagrees with homosexuality is forced to go along with their agenda. Remember the wedding photographer that lost a law suit because they didn’t want to photograph a gay ceremony?

    • siteunseen

      Would you want a Gay man to babysit your 8 year old boy? Would you want a Gay woman to babysit your 5 year old daughter? Sexuality has consequences. Homosexuality isn’t normal behavior, it is learned behavior, which is why they made a new word for it called “sexual orientation”, in other words, we are to accept the fact people were molested, and are caught in the trap of their sin, resultant of the molestation. I for one will never accept it, because God said it is an abomination, “men with men doing that which is filthy.” Let us call an ace an ace. If they would shut-up about their preferences, this wouldn’t be an issue, but they choose to shove it down everyone’s throats, and now into the local Churches with their “Gay Marriage agenda”. It is a problem, and the Republicans don’t need to get involved with it. Tell them to register as Republicans and not Gay’s.

  • Therese Smith

    Good for Ann Coulter! I am one conservative who is delighted to know that we have gay activists who support conservative causes.

    • Oliver Klozzoff

      I have a serious problem with gay “activists.” If someone wants to be gay, that is their choice. But when they become militant about it, getting in everyone’s face because they need to feel “normal” living an abnormal lifestyle, then their aberrant lifestyle choice needs to be exposed for what it is. Gays don’t need to stay in the closet, and they should not be disadvantaged for being the way they are, but they can’t expect to turn the world into one grand rainbow coalition to help make them feel better. They need to get over themselves and accept the fact that if they want to be different, they will be treated as different.

  • D Fayette

    Pandering to sexually deviant behavior.
    Totally disgusting.

  • Karen Grube

    I hope I never see Ann Coulter on television again. At least she won’t be at the next CPAC.

  • David Moore

    It’s way passed time we true conservatives start being intellectually honest. We want limited government intrusion, so we need to stay out of other people’s personal affairs. God does not hate homosexuals; although I’m sure He is quite disgusted with judgmental hypocrites.

    • LKU

      @David Moore….AMEN TO THAT.

    • JRR

      You’re confusing libertarians and conservatives. True “social” conservatives are fighting back against a gay agenda that is attempting to use government to force other individuals to go against what they believe God has plainly stated in the Bible. Perhaps you are a fiscal conservative, but your posts indicate you are a social liberal.

      • JRR

        As a convention, I believe its safe to say that a “true conservative” is both a social conservative and a fiscal conservative. If you’re not both socially and fiscally conservative, then you should use the appropriate adjective as a modifier to better communicate your position. That being said, a “true conservative” is conservative through and through and does oppose the gay agenda.

        • Trek750

          Conservatives believe in small government–especially at the federal level. Social conservatives should find a new adjective to describe their odd belief that they can legislate morality by using that very same government they otherwise seek to diminish. They are definitely NOT conservatives. The closest analogy I can see is National Socialism or perhaps Christian Sharians. Jesus said not one word about homosexuality. He said quite a bit about judgmental busybodies.

  • Ronnie

    As to Ann Coulter’s embracing “homosexual conservatives”. “Sexual orientation” addresses “temptation”. Temptation IS NOT sin. “Sexual activity” outside of marriage addresses behavior. All such behavior IS sin. Marriage involves God witnessing a man and a woman vow to Him to become husband and wife for life. Any abridgement of this definition IS sin against God. As defined, marriage is a God ordained institution). Open homosexuality takes exception to God’s natural order and is THE sign a nation IS directly under God’s judgement. Ann, please come out of this union with those who oppose God and His order. I’m praying for you , Ann, and for homosexuals as well. I have kin who are involed with that orientation and it breaks my heart. Thanks for you otherwise good books of which I possess several’


    • JRR

      Ronnie, well said!

  • siteunseen

    Kinda makes you wonder if Ann is “Gay????” What is she trying to prove. Sexuality and Politics don’t mix. Why are their Special Rights for “Gay’s”??? Shouldn’t their be special rights for Heterosexuals too? I belong to GOHetero.PAC. What’s the point, other than to push an Agenda, which is contrary to the Bible and the Ten Commandments. Tell her to read “Romans I”.

  • J.M.R.

    i all so don’t watch as much or believe in her like i use to

  • Regor

    With that announcement Ann Coulter fell straight from the top to the bottom of my opinion ladder!

    Homosexuality is an abomination and people that prefer sex with their same gander are just plain abnormal and despicable.

    For such a small minority they sure make a lot of noise and for Ms Coulter to add her name and talent to that cacophony is deplorable.

  • D Fayette

    Is pedophilia a sexual orientation issue too? Is being bisexual a sexual orientation issue too? Is polygamy a sexual orientation issue?

    If all sexual conduct is based on the sexual orientation argument, then society must the permit all those so inclined to practice without prejudice that which they feel is their sexual orientation. Can sexual orientation change over time?

    We do know the heterosexual activity is the only sexual activity required to maintain the specie. Thus, it is the only sexual activity that needs to be recognized as normal. All other sexual activity is for pleasure, an not an essential part of life.