One last chance for Republicans

The GOP has to get it right in 2012.  It will either return to its platform of small government, traditional values, and national sovereignty, or its conservative base will abandon it.

The stakes are far too high for conservatives to support the candidacy of another business-as-usual, ruling class member. Not only are we faced with unprecedented economic challenges, we are also suffering under a dramatic expansion of government, shepherded by both parties.

Typically, economic crisis brings opportunity to the party out of power. Elections are often won by pointing out the failed policies of the incumbent.  If the past is any guide, the upside possibilities for the GOP in 2012 far surpass any downside risks.

But what makes the present crisis particularly dangerous to the GOP is the growing awareness of grass roots activists that they’ve been hoodwinked almost continuously for the past two decades.  Although their party has controlled the White House or at least one house of Congress for all but four of the past twenty-four years, the central government has grown into a gargantuan, freedom-smothering entity over this same time frame.

We’ve been told endlessly by GOP politicians that we must return to a limited government, grounded in the Constitution, and how they will uphold the sanctity of life and the traditional family.  They start their campaigns with prayer meetings, issue proclamations in honor of God and country, and talk about revitalizing the American economy, but everything gets worse under their leadership: more regulations, more activist judges, and more big government programs.

How about illegal aliens? There’s hardly a Republican in Congress who hasn’t had strong words about illegal immigration.  But when push comes to shove, nothing happens.  Proposals for amnesty, code-named “immigration reform,” are championed by many in the GOP.  No reasonable effort is made to fund a fence.  Obama is not held accountable for failure to enforce immigration laws.

The Republicans’ fight against Obama in other areas also lacks vigor.  As we stand on the verge of the greatest federal takeover of our economy with Obamacare, no serious GOP effort has been undertaken to defund this program.  Obama has not been brought to accountability for his Project Gunrunner/Fast and Furious abominations or his failure to defend DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), which the Constitution obligates him to do as the head of the Executive Branch.

No GOP leader speaks about Obama’s lack of transparency in his administration or anywhere else.  Obama’s czars also get a pass, despite their circumvention of the confirmation requirements of the US Constitution.  No attempt is made to defund such offices. And the list of unchallenged Obama outrages goes on and on.

Then we have the budget process and the debt ceiling.  Conservatives were promised at least $100 billion in cuts this year.  Turns out that was lie:  the actual number may not even be $300 million.  The debt ceiling deal was even more of a betrayal.  No cuts at all right now, just continued exorbitant spending.  There’s a promise of future cuts in 2014 but we (and Standard and Poor’s) all know that’s just a pipe dream.

So when conservatives enter their voting booths convinced of both a collapsing Republic and a complicit party, there’s zero chance of compromise no matter who’s on the ballot.  The lesser of the two evils is no option in 2012.

That spells opportunity for any constitutional conservative running for the Republican nomination.  The GOP base is desperate for a candidate who truly loves this nation and will do whatever it takes to put us back on course.

But be forewarned:  the grassroots is also quite skeptical of all candidates, given the track record of the last two decades.  A candidate who starts a campaign in Bush-like fashion by appealing to the base with a prayer meeting or a vicious verbal attack on the establishment can’t expect an immediate outpouring of conservative support.  Quite simply, the base is sick and tired of being lied to.

Given this growing discernment, a candidate from outside the beltway who has a proven track record of holding the establishment to account for corruption and/or the growth of government can count on significant support.  The perfect storm of crisis and establishment disgust will spawn a candidate who, in 2012, either will resurrect the GOP and its platform or will walk away with its base in an independent bid.

Saving our great Republic requires courageous and selfless leaders.  There are very few in office today. God willing, at least one will rise to the occasion in the Presidential race, rescuing our country from the edge of the abyss, and back to its foundations.

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  • siteunseen

    Yes, we must pray we get the right Candidate elected. Frankly, I haven’t much hope, but Prayer and leading a good Christian life will help, no matter what happens.

  • J.M.R.

    SITEUNSEEN got to agree with you as we have seen the repubs can’t be trusted either and i still say romney go back to mass

  • siteunseen

    Frankly, I’d like to see a True Statesman run for President. I do like Rick Santorum. I like Michelle Bachmann. I like Herman Cain. But, the person I love the most isn’t on the ticket, and that is Rand Paul. He, in my opinion, is the epitome of a True Statesman, with real ideas, and a get-to-it agenda. I wish his Dad would have allowed him to run instead. He comes across better, he’s more articulate, he doesn’t get excited when attacked, and he can speak his mind without getting flustered. He wants Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, No Obamacare, No Abortion on Demand (He’s already tried to get a bill passed about that), and he fights like no one I’ve seen yet. He doesn’t base all his arguments on the War in Iran, or the Middle East situation. Yes, we need to take care of ourselves here at home, but Rand Paul reminds me of a man who can Plan, Cut Spending without harming the vulnerable, such as our Seniors, and knows exactly what he’s talking about. He’s well read. He’s not just a broken glass, he’s the Real Deal!

  • Bruce Feher

    You expect the GOP to follow is principles? GOOD LUCK!

  • mikeh

    Remember the Whig party? No?

    That’s because it died a deserving death.

    Remember the Republican party?

    Maybe not for very much longer.

  • Tug

    Great piece of work Mr. Miller. Thank You!

  • Bruce Feher

    Right on mikeh!

  • Bruce Feher

    So, Joe; what are YOU going to do about it?

  • Cynthia Rae

    So many good comments here.
    I agree with all and especially siteunseen!
    I trust God no matter what!

    I would love for the Reps. to wear a Whig Mikeh! It would be refreshing change rather than their masks of deceit! May a new party arise.

    I like Joe Miller and Michelle. However, Joe, greatly disappointed me in Alaska! That election was dirty and he folded with a whimper!

    If there was one thing I liked about Bush it was the fact that when I expected him to fold he fought!

    Same thing happened in my state with a Tea Party candidate! The election was so filled with fraud! They even changed the voting machines to paper! I had problems but refused not to be counted!

    The Tea Party candidate I voted for folded too and is now running again. I cannot support him this time! If they fold in elections they will fold in office.

    All conservative news outlets need to be more agressive in these elections! Over power the elite commie press! Make more noise than they do.

    The people cannot do it alone!!!!

    Bruce Feher said,”So,Joe; what are you going to do about it”?

    With all due respect Joe I ask the same question! I like you a lot but I want a fierce and fearless lion who will never conceede! One with the same false teeth that George W portrayed against Kerry! I, BTW, have no praise for some of “W’s” policies. I just found it refreshing that he would not back down.

    God bless you all who are righteous
    and just. May God Bless and save America.

  • LetsGetReal

    Ron Paul hasn’t caved in 35 years. I want him in office because he has demonstrated that he will stand for Constitutional integrity no matter who tries to get him to do something else. I like the thought that they all know he will veto anything that comes to him that doesn’t measure up to the standards of a Constitutional Republic.

  • Dave J

    Ron Paul seems to be the best choice for president. He does not back down and his policies make sense. The “traditional values” thing is nothing more than Global Warming for conservatives. It sounds good, but is insubstantial. We need to learn to tolerate our neighbor, before we can learn to love them.

  • Lorraine Hall

    You are so right, Joe! We have to get it right. It’s now or never. I just read an article from the Flint Hills Tea Party that the KS GOP voted against a change in electorial college processes. Could you please explain the pros and cons. It sounds good on the surface but what would be the real implications for our Republic? Who is pushing this change and why?

  • silentnomore9

    I was disappointed to read the Republican talking points in your article. It is about restoring the protections of the Constitution that have been eroded through unjust legislation, unjust court decisions, unjust executive orders and unjust departmental regulations. Ron Paul is the only one who has stood to defeat these problems for 35 years. Please get out and support him. He needs our help if he is going to accomplish anything. It is time to say, NO to all of the big government ideas. Rick Perry signed the “Texas Hallal Law” get a clue! WE DO NOT NEED ANOTHER CANDIDATE! WE NEED TO SUPPORT THE CANDIDATE THAT HAS BEEN DOING WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE FOR 35 YEARS!

    I know he is not as pretty as his son, WE HAVE A PRETTY BOY NOW! Yes, I am glad Rand is getting his training wheels but, PLEASE we are headed into the toughest battle of our lives! We want someone who has stood the test of time.