Sarah Palin Defends Tea Party

Sarah Palin has become one of the most effective defenders of the Tea Party. Last Night on FOXNEWS she took after Democrats that have called them terrorists. Her best line was when she attacked Obama asking: “If We Were Real Domestic Terrorists, Shoot, President Obama Would Be Wanting to Pal Around With Us, Wouldn’t He?” Go Sarah Go.

  • She is a mouthpiece for nothing but hatred and dissension. Sarah Palin’s rhetoric and violence-inciting imagery IS a form of terrorism and a prime example. She held Jared Lee Loughner’s hand while he murdered people with his misguided sensibilities. I was compelled to draw a visual commentary showing her handing him the gun on my artist’s blog at She’ll go to any lengths and keep spewing her insanity for that attention (and the money of course.)

    • Carol

      How’d you get on Joe Miller’s Website you left-leaning loon! Why don’t you eat your own words. No one is worst than the Democrats for spinning dirt into the faces of Patriots. Sarah is absolutely correct…Obama IS THE TERRORIST! He lied about default if we didn’t get HIS PACKAGE PASSED, because Moody’s just downgraded us yet again, or is contemplating doing so. What does that tell you about their FAT CAT DECISION TO RAISE THE DEBT CEILING YET AGAIN! Rome is burning and Obama is Nero!

    • Patrick M Connors

      Carol’s right… how the heck did this Hardin get on here? Jerry Fogg made a great assertion. Sarah was correct as well and for the record, she has never incited anyone to violence and any implication suggested by Hardin is straight liable, not an expression of free speech. I am very tired of the Sarah haters, very.

  • Carol

    Brendt Hardin must be friend of the Norweigian Terrorist Mason.

  • Anthony J Bartalo ( Tony )

    How can we convince Sarah to run for President? We certainly need her ! !

  • J.M.R.

    if sarah says shes going to run i will be voting for her as she is a real american also not the ass kisser like boner boehner

  • Hardin’s real name is Murcowski

  • Hal Meadows

    Who in the Hell is Brendt Hardin other than an UNAMERICAN IDIOT?