Origins of Fast and Furious accidentally revealed by White House

Intent upon linking the genesis of ”gunwalking” to the Bush Administration, the Obama Regime has unwittingly revealed compelling leads to the birth of Operation Fast and Furious, its possible father, former Agent in Charge of the ATF’s Phoenix Branch, William Newell and the man who may be the Operation’s D.C Godfather, White House National Security Council staffer Kevin O’Reilly.

At the beginning of October, the White House released a number of emails shared between Newell and O’Reilly during the summer of 2010. By this frequently employed method of ”selective release”, the Regime intended to relay the ”fact” that as neither Fast and Furious nor “gunwalking” were mentioned in the correspondence, the topics were obviously not directly discussed by the pair. (1)

It was hoped that this would bolster the White House claim that it knew nothing of the Operation until TV news reports brought it to the attention of the nation at large in 2011.

But in its expectation that linking gun walking to Bush might take Fast and Furious pressure off the Regime, the White House habit of deliberately providing carefully crafted half-truths or misinformation to media lackeys took a careless turn for the worse.

After it was leaked to him by the White House, AP reporter Pete Yost was only too glad to run with the story of 2007 ATF Operation Wide Receiver and its loss of firearms across the Mexican border during the Bush Administration.

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