Envelope Please: Turkey of the Year is Michael Moore

This year, we continue a cherished Thanksgiving tradition at Ringside Politics by bestowing our annual “Turkey of the Year” award to the most deserving politician or media personality.

This is always a very spirited competition because there are so many turkeys to consider. Previous winners have included former House Speaker Nancy “Botox Buffoon” Pelosi and former New Orleans politicians Mayor Ray “School Bus” Nagin and Congressman William “Dollar Bill” Jefferson.

To win this special award, the honoree has to best emulate our favorite Thanksgiving bird, the turkey. In other words, the winner must strut around acting as stupid as possible. A turkey’s brain is smaller than a walnut, among the tiniest in the animal kingdom. The turkey, while delicious to eat, possesses fewer brain cells than a cockroach. It qualifies for true bird brain status, which is why this holiday treat reminds us of so many people in the news today.

In the world of media and politics today, there is an endless supply of foolish politicians who strut around spouting nonsense. At the top of the list is President Obama who can strut and spout nonsense with the best of them. Whether the topic is socialized medicine, the lack of “shovel ready” jobs in his stimulus bill, higher taxes, increased spending, adding trillions to the national debt or apologizing for America; he can certainly blather on endlessly, especially if he has his teleprompter. He does have credibility on some subjects, such as basketball and community organizing, but on most issues, he is clueless and woefully unprepared. In this year’s competition, he was a strong candidate, finishing as our runner-up.

Sharing runner-up status with the President was the entire Occupy Wall Street movement, who continue to sound and smell like a bunch of turkeys. Many of these protesting fools are unaware of any goals for their movement; they just want free handouts and attention. They attracted the support of the typical idiotic Hollywood crowd like Susan Sarandon and Alec Baldwin. Actors are specialists at making foolish comments, especially when they offer inane encouragement to occupiers. If these actors really wanted to show support for the movement they would pitch a tent with the protesters and move into an occupied park. Don’t hold your breath waiting for these limousine liberal stars to actually mean what they say.

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