Jailed border agent’s family warned of massive fine

The federal government has sent a collection notice to the family of a Border Patrol agent who was jailed and fined for pulling on the arms of a handcuffed suspect to get him to comply with orders, according to a charitable organization working on a defense for Jesus E. Diaz Jr.

WND reported earlier on a call for Congress to hold hearings to uncover why U.S. law enforcement officers are being charged, prosecuted and sent to prison for apparently doing what their jobs require.

That call came from President Andy Ramirez of the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council, which is working on Diaz’ case. The officer was sentenced to 24 months in jail and fined nearly $7,000 for his conviction based on the testimony of a drug smuggler who was given immunity to testify.

WND reported earlier that U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder seeking an explanation for the federal government’s actions.

Now, Ramirez has confirmed that Diaz’ wife, also an agent with the U.S Border Patrol, got a “Notice of Intent to Offset” regarding the fine in her husband’s case. Her husband, in federal custody, was served with his termination papers in his cell. But Ramirez said the collection notice was sent to Diaz’ home, where his wife continues to live and care for their children.

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  • J.M.R.

    boy the commies just keep trying to destroy our border agents one way or another. its time we have someone firgure a way to get the commies out of D.C.

  • robert m

    Who would work for these corrupt police who install fear in their officer’s
    Deep background checks should be done on these management folks. You will probably find some drug money or at least some psychopath tendencies toward the American system

  • Elaine Renfrow

    Make me sick . All this evil in our government and what they are doing to people.

  • Fire Holder and put an honest man in that position, just shoot the drug smugglers and be done with them….