Can we beat Obama? Latest Gallup numbers say “Yes we can!”

Remember just two weeks ago when the media and even many conservative pundits flatly proclaimed Obama’s BIG victory in the payroll tax cut showdown had handed him a BIG edge going into an election year? If you do you are in the minority. The American people were not fooled.

New Gallup survey numbers tell us a Georgia State Judge’s ruling that Barack Obama is not eligible to be president as per Georgia law, may end up being a merciful death to his reelection plans.

In early December Obama’s Gallup survey approve/disapprove numbers were 43/50. His BIG victory just before Christmas got him to 45/47. Immediately after the BIG victory he’s back down to 42/49.

Not only are these numbers bad, they become still worse when broken down into individual voter categories.

Obama’s approval among his “MUST have” core groups is dangerously low. Blacks give him an 83% rating and Hispanics, just 46%.

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  • Barbara J Struble

    2008 was not a real election, but a fraud – an illegal alien and massive fraud funded by marxists et al. The Congressional and Judicial branches of our government aided and abetted.
    Americans, we must stand. Tea Party members are standing. True the vote and elect Dr. Paul. America is at stake.

  • robert butler

    Obama is trying to bring to America the same type of faschist socialism that Mussolini and Hitler brought to Italy and Germany, where the government,instead of taking title, takes control. This has always resulted in poverty and misery for the masses, and vast wealth for the controlers. If re-elected he and his henchment, Pelosi and Reid, will destroy most of our liberties and all of our prosperity.

  • Phil F.

    Black Americans approve of Obama solely because he’s a half black man not because of what he’s done for them. Obama is one of the biggest obstacles to black America’s advancement. Obama is making black Americans dependent on government.

  • Frank Peterson Sr

    If anybody has accessed the American Communists Goal statement od 1963, we ALL would better understand what’s happening here in America and around the world. Check it out. The info is on the internet…their plan is to takeover America from within…with-out firing a shot!

  • Obama’s BASE must be attacked! How? Well since most of them are morons, they need to be conned! And boy, do I know how! Any GOP big shots out there? Contact me, I’m not hard to find!