Did Obama award Air Force plane contract to “Air Solyndra”?

Without telling anyone but Embraer, the Brazilian company he has decided to give the contract to, Barack “transparency” Obama has bypassed an American company and shutdown any further bidding on a project to build Light Air Support (LAS) planes for the Air Force.

Given the Obama Administration’s penchant for double talk and outright lying it’s no wonder Hawker Beechcraft a Kansas air ship building company was snubbed. In Obama’s world building American really doesn’t count for much except as a phrase to use when talking to union members whose votes and money he needs. Since Hawker is a heavily unionized company the answer to the question of this contract award must be something else.

Embraer: An Obama kind of operation

Aside from the underhandedness of not telling Hawker that the bidding was closed on Dec 22, (an SOP for these people) Embraer is a typical Obama like bag of crap; just the kind of shady outfit Obama likes to deal with.

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