Chris Matthews: Rush Limbaugh Could Be the Next Don Imus in the Wake of ‘Sluts’ Comment

MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews on Thursday connected Don Imus’s firing in the wake of the “nappy-headed hos” remark to Rush Limbaugh, hinting that the conservative commentator could face similar problems for referring to “sluts” who “must be paid to have sex.” (MSNBC, of course, is no stranger to contorversial comments. One anchor on the network recently compared Rick Santorum to mass murderer Joseph Stalin.)

Matthews played a clip of Limbaugh’s comments, made after college student Sandra Fluke testified before Congress on the issue of birth control.

The anchor linked the two radio hosts: “You know, this cost Don Imus a lot of career, you know? A lot of career, this kind of talk. Calling people sluts, whores. This kind of stuff.” [MP3 audio here.]

Matthews brought on Democratic strategist Steve McMahon to trash the host. McMahon derided Limbaugh as sounding “like a vile, disgusting pervert who had come completely unglued on the radio.”

Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele piled on: “And I think in this instance, I think a lot of people have a problem with [the comments]… And I think in this particular case, that line has been crossed.”

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  • siteunseen

    This is a one way hypocritical problem with the left bashing the sort of right. In the first place, no one got fired from The View for calling Sharon Angle a “*itch”. But they get all up in arms when Rush calls a slut a slut. Sharon Angle is not a *itch, but a slut is a woman who sleeps around, and this woman definitely slept around. So if they fire Rush, they better fire the staff on The View. It was Joyless Behar who called Sharon Angle a *itch, and she said it more than once, maybe 10 times.

  • OKAY

    The left can say some of the most vicious things and then have the nerve to talk about Rush. Sarah Palin was called a “c–t” by Bill Maher, a foul mouth nobody that thinks he’s somebody, and others wore t-shirts with the phrase printed on them. That doesn’t even cover what the left has said about her daughter.

    Joe somebody (Schulz, maybe -can’t remember) called Laura Ingraham a right wing slut on his radio show. He did apologize but there was no outcry from the left. A lot of people didn’t even know about it. He issued an apology pronto and then it was swept under the rug. Neither Palin or Ingraham got sympathy calls from the fraud in the WH, unlike Flakey Fluke who fits the definition of a slut by her own admission.

    The View is nothing but a bunch of angry jackals that never saw a conservative woman that they wouldn’t call a bit*h. Joy Behar is liberal to the point of insanity. Her and Whoopie try to out dumb each other on issues. I don’t watch them unless it’s a video attached to an article that is showing their stupidity and bias. Their logic abandoned them a long time ago.

    • siteunseen

      Whether or not you like “The View”, which is a show for the very senile at best, she called Sharon Angle a “*itch, and that is a degrading and evil connotation, especially when Sharon is a respectible and honorable person who is married to one man, children, grandchildren, etc. and if anyone wants to shut someone down, it would be Joyless Behar. I heard about the name calling from other talk show hosts, Googled it and found what she had said. It was funny that Sharon sent her flowers thanking her for her remarks, which just set off her supporters to give her thousands more for her campaign, which in turn set off Joyless again, and she again called her a *itch. I told the station to fire her, but did she get fired??? NO!

  • Joseph fleming

    Chris Mathews has a hard ball for a brain. He is a typical hypocrite that will let his liberal friends sling filth at conservatives, but cries foul when once in awhile it is returned. Freedom of speech is protected in this country according to the liberals themselves so they should just live with it. At least Rush apologized. When will Bill Maher and his peabrained gang of fools do the same. Don’t hold your breath.

  • siteunseen

    The DNC is seeking to get Rush Limbaugh off the air. He’s already lost most of his sponsors from TPTB. I don’t listen to Rush because others are on at the same time, and I’ve got different political views in some areas than he. He’s also a member of the CFR, so that puts him on the bottom for myself. But…he’s still a voice for Conservatives, and they want the stronger voices, even if they’re just that – VOICES, in the garbage can, so Obama doesn’t have too much competition this coming election. There are too many sluts out there who would love to see Rush go, and who don’t like to be called, what they are.

  • MFinSC

    The trouble with “Soft Balls” is that he just can’t shake that tingle he gets up and down his leg. Wait is it tingle or tinkle. Hey asswipe, just shake it a few times. Rush has more sponsors lined up for his show than all of PMSNBC will ever have and several of his “throw Rush under the bus” sponsors are already begging to comeback.