Joe Miller: GOP Establishment will take your money to defeat Tea Party candidates

Joe Miller describes in this KCBQ interview from this week that the GOP Establishment, with the cooperation of Democrats, will do virtually anything to stop genuine reform congressional candidates from winning their races.  Starts at 2:15.

  • siteunseen

    I think we should rename the GOP the CBC Club.

  • Red Zone Girl

    I received an RNC solicitation the other day stating the only group allowed to give financial support to the candidates was the RNC. This slyly suggests that contributions must be determined by them. This is nothing new and is why my money goes directly to the candidate of my choice. No longer will I let the RNC decide for me.

    • Al

      I agree with REDZONE GIRL. As a life long Republican I can say that the establishment Repubs have gotten as cluless as the Democraps. They apparently learned nothing from the 2010 Tea Party elections. My money goes to specific candidates!!

    • Frank

      I to get requests from the RNC asking for donations from it’s members. I have told them time and again, I’m NOT a member of the RNC, that I’m a Tea Party supporter! Neither the Republicans or the SOCIALISTIC Democrats want to make the government right, they want it their way, PERIOD! We need the government to regress back to it’s size about 40 years ago! This government way too far into the personal affairs of the American people! The government needs to be backed off in our every day lives! The government should worry about the government! Hell, they cannot run the government without going broke! That should tell them to stay the hell out of our personal business!

    • Archie

      I give money to Jim DeMint and I think he does some good by speading it around to real conservative candiadtes. Last election we could send money to him and tell him who to give it to and he had that list of folks I didn;t know. It just made it easy.

  • Barbara J Struble

    I was told the same thing – RNC is only group who can support candidates. I told them the same thing = I give to candidates directly and to Senator DeMint’s conservative group.

    • Archie

      I stopped giving to the RNC years ago and now I give to DeMint as you do.

  • Lizelot

    What I now write on those GOP fund-raisers is that I despise the way the RNC set up the “debates” such that far left “moderators” were able to turn those into a circus. And this is why I won’t deal with the RNC anymore. Unless we tell them outright what they did wrong, they’ll pretend nothing is wrong. It’s a sleazy game that doesn’t benefit our country.

  • dick bedard

    the dirt begins at the top of the political spectrum !! any wonder why we do not trust the system ?? and why trust is no longer part of life for average america.

  • Gwen

    I am tired of all the letters and phone calls saying I have not sent my 2012
    membership in for the RNC. I will give
    to the candidates that I want and to
    Senator DeMint also. Many of these
    Republicans still don’t get it!!!!!!!!!

  • wagerwiththe wind

    Joe is a true reformer and more Alaskans are going to realize that as time goes on.

  • OKAY

    I get requests for money all the time form the RNC but haven’t given money to them in years. I give to Jim DeMint and to the actual candidates but that’s it. RNC gives it to who they want and that’s the RINO’s.

  • Doug Kasai

    6 of one, half a dozen of the other. RNC, DNC, here’s to two true money pits! Here’s to my own: IDC= I Don’t Care for any large party organization on either side of the political spectrum.

  • Barbara Raffaelli

    I don’t give my money to the RNC or the State Republican party anymore. I give to the candidate directly and also give to Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservative Fund.

  • Barbara Raffaelli

    Things are so corrupt in Washington we need a third party. I just no longer believe in this two party corrupt system!

  • Randy

    Barbara, for pete’s sake, 3 parties splits up the vote. It will not work. We have to take back the Republican party, or lose consistantly to the Dems. Your job, should you choose to accept, is to get involved in the primaries early and get the right people to run for office, and then to support them.

  • pizzedoff

    The sooner people start looking at the individial CANDIDATES credentials instead of a political party the sooner our country will get healthy again. A political PARTY will NEVER get it done. A candidate of either party, if judged on their merits alone, have more than a even chance of getting it right.

    • ME,TOO! I registered Unafilliated in June 09. The Republican party no longer represents what I believe. The idea that we have to have political parties is absurd. Vote on each candidate for their views and convictions, not what herd of sheep they come from!

  • Diane

    Ron Paul. Period.

  • R.Cook

    I return mailed solicitations for campaign funds by the GOP establishment blank with a note explaining that as long as they continue to support RINOs They will not get any funds from me. If enough people did this and verbally told them the same thing for phone calls; maybe the establishment GOP would begin to get the message. If they don’t my suggestion is to take over the GOP as fast as we can by electing true conservatives. Jim DeMint has stared the push to do this. Please support his picks.

  • Buck

    To R. Cook , that is a great idea , I have just been ignoring their solicitations , but returning them with a message that you will only donate to tea party supported candidates is now going to be my response too . THANK YOU !!

    • AMN

      Yes, that’s what we’ve been doing also. We mail soliciations and phone call replies saying we support only individuals because the NC’s don’t support our views. We are donating to individual candidates that we feel are true conservatives, not RINOs. If anything, the party system should be eliminated, not turned into 3 parties. The best idea though is to take over the R party and make it a true conservative party.

  • AKGuest

    You speak the Truth, Joe Miller!