Mrs. Ron Paul breaks her silence, describes massive vote fraud in Arizona

Carol Paul breaks her silence and tells a WTPN activist that half of Ron Paul’s votes are being thrown away during a post-AZ GOP debate viewing party appearance backstage.

The normally very quiet, Carol Paul, wife of Republican GOP candidate, Dr. Ron Paul, was seen here on tape blaming election fraud as the culprit behind some of Ron Paul’s caucus losses in the 2012 race for the Republican nomination.

After last week’s Presidential debate, an activist for the “We the People Network” found a way through security to make it backstage, just prior to a scheduled speech Ron Paul was due to make at the New Life Bible Church in Mesa, AZ, minutes after the final GOP debate on Wednesday, Feb. 22.

Little did the activist know that simply finding a way to talk with Mr. and Mrs. Paul backstage would turn into such a potentially huge story, with Mrs. Paul coming forward, without being prompted, to explain her thoughts on the final results of some of the caucuses that have taken place during the campaign season.

To the average Ron Paul supporter, gaining access to speak in person with the Congressman and his family on video is one thing, but what ensued may have instead turned into quotes by Carol Paul that could very well end up being an international story for both the activist and the Ron Paul campaign.

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  • Barbara J Struble

    We in Alaska know all too well about republican establishment election fraud. I am still praying for truth, justice, and God’s Way.

  • siteunseen

    The figures don’t match up with the massive numbers which turn out at his rallies, and which don’t seem to be present for Santorum or Romney. They took a picture of the massive crown on the Ron Paul 2012 website at his Michigan rally which equalled over 4000 in attendance. It was packed to the rafters, and then he’s behind in these caucuses, and et al. PTB are behind all of this. I’m so mad I could burst! See this picture:

  • siteunseen

    This kind of fraud is why people are encouraging Ron Paul to run third party. Fraud would still ensue, but maybe we could stop it in it’s tracks, or do something desperate. Any suggestions?

    • joey canoli

      I wish I had something positive to add here. I believe it is time for REAL honest to goodness change and that change starts from the top just as other business’s and organizations do when having difficulties sustaining themselves. Ron Paul is a REAL MAN and is serious about making that happen if elected. Problem is now we have a very corrupt government that will do what ever it has to do to follow agendas not aligned with most of the public in America. I think it’s time for drastic measures but don’t know where to start because it’s such a mess.

  • Carol Dreeszen

    Well I am not a Ron Paul supporter but whenever there is fraud like this in politics it is uncalled for!! I have seen where those with a lot of money can afford to put out the negative ads about the other candidates and that is not fair either! If the candidates can’t just campaign on what they can offer the public and leave the other guys proposals out and let the people decide who they want then it’s a sad day in America! The problem is it’s all a money hungry bunch of people and their main priority is making the most..thus they are losing the focus on WHY they are in politics! It’s for the people……not their pocket books!!!

    • siteunseen

      It is not only uncalled for, it is downright wicked. If the powers that be want him out badly enough to throw away his votes in these caucuses where he is winning, what will they do when they finally gain enough momentum to throw away our votes in the primary and allow Obama to win, even if he didn’t. It is not wrong to point out your contenders voting record, and the fact that Santourm and Gingrich took Lobbyist money and became rich on it, is a fact to be reckoned with, and for which everyone should look at hard, rather than ignor the FACT that they’re hypocrites. They both bashed Ron Paul for his foreign policy, and mocked his relentlessly, and when he points out their serial hypocrisy, he’s deemed an evil guy. Everyone in this campaign has shot down their opponents, and Ron Paul has stated most emphatically, if they’ll give him a second to speak, what he is standing for, and it’s our Liberty, not the Federal Reserve Bankrupters who are controlling this election, the media and the wars. See Colonel Douglas MacGregor and then tell me that Ron Paul is wrong on his foreign policy: Give me Liberty or Give me Death – Patrick Henry “I’ll take a bullet for Liberty from Tyranny, and we’re going to have Tyranny folks with any other Candidate running in this race, no matter how sweet their words. If they don’t defend your right to own property, sound money, religious freedom, end the FED, the IRS, and the Department of Education, your money won’t be worth anything, the Government will control your children, and they’ll tell your Pastor he has to marry homosexuals or the church will be closed. Religion will be underground, and all thanks to the Big Government Bureaucrats who control both parties.

  • siteunseen

    Colonel Douglas MacGregor says our presence in many parts today is a catalyst for conflict. If you can’t get the link, then Google “Ron Paul Best for Defense?”

  • Linda Long

    I feel that since elected officials no longer represent their constituents, (but rather big corp., lobbyist, special interest groups and their largest campaign contributors) then we should do away with ‘Electoral’ votes and give the citizen’s voice and votes back to them. Why should Americans have to vote for candidates that are chosen ‘for’ us, through the electorals & the specific parties. American elected officials should win because they received the most votes from the most American citizens. It’s as simple as that.

  • Duane Stone

    Ron Paul is being shot down because he has the right idea. All the rest of them are nothing but money hungry constitution haters.
    We need a man in office to turn this country around to what our forefathers started it out as. A FREE country. Obama would really like to take all our liberties away from us, and turn this coutry into a total police state. This we Do Not need.

  • Scott


    Ron Paul? No thank you.

  • Krissy

    Ron Paul, without a doubt!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    As Dr. Paul has said,
    “May future generations look back on our work and say that these were men and women who, in a moment of great crisis, stood up to their politicians, the opinion-makers, and the establishment, and saved their country.”

  • john

    we should create a massive record of ecery documented case of vote fraud against ron paul