Obamacare heads to the Supreme Court – Your Freedoms at Issue

Obamacare heads to the Supreme Court next week, for an unprecedented five+ hours beginning on Monday and finishing on Wednesday. This is a defining moment in our nation. Keep in mind that we are not at a fork in the road – we’ve long gone past the fork down the road to Big Government. Make no mistake, it’s not about “bending the cost curve”, or “insuring the uninsured”, or even helping women. It’s all about power, and it always has been.

The net effect of this abomination of a bill will be to reduce the quality and availability of health care in the US while increasing the costs – everything they said it would not do. Margaret Thatcher said that she could never do what her counterpart Ronald Reagan did in the US, all because of the albatross of socialized health care in the UK.

Most likely the justices have already made up their mind, but it’s important to hear what the lawyers have to say. Should the court overturn the individual mandate, Obamacare is essentially dead, though they will no doubt keep it on life support until either it dies or Obama finishes his first and only term.

The individual mandate, if upheld, will open a flood-gate of “mandates” that will continue to erode your liberties, and it will take us so far down the road of Big Government that it might be difficult or impossible to turn back. But turn back we must.

The Republican Study Committee provides 5 graphs to show how bad this law is – and will be, if upheld.

Obamacare in pictures paints a distressing future, mostly with the spotlight on the negative effects, along with the blatant lies promulgated by the President and his minions in government and the press. You should review the others at the above link.


As John Sparks says at The Center for Vision & Values,

If the Court upholds the individual mandate, it would effectively mark an end to constitutional restraint on Congress and usher in a new era of uncertainty, one whereby the federal government would be controlled only by the self-restraint of elected legislators. The Court, as it were, will have let the constitutional reins fall loose and the federal stallion will gallop forward at an ever faster and more frightening pace.

We all need health care, and we all need affordable health care, at all stages of life. Like most things, our health is our own responsibility. But when unexpected circumstances happen as they always do, then a robust health-care system will have the resources to help those who find themselves with a medical emergency. Our nation has the greatest health-care system on earth – let’s not forget that. I pray that the Supreme Court will strike down this individual mandate, and that the next Congress releases to the deep sea this ball of chain that’s been attached to the US health care system.

Also, hear what Star Parker has to say about Obamacare.

  • sara

    Obamacare should never have gotten this far. It should have been stopped. If the Supreme court lets any of obamacare go thru…
    AMERICA is done !

  • Speedle

    This going to be all about Justice Kennedy. The conservatives will vote against and the libs will vote to affirm. This whole process will have nothing to do with the actual constitutional application. It’s all political. This is what happens with the progressive version of constitutional law. It’s a “Living breathing document”. What a sad state of affairs in this country.

  • Park

    If this obamacare health bill goes thru, I will lay off all employees at our restaurant and gas station and hang a sign on the front door telling folks why we are closed. Mark Begich phone number will be attached so people can phone him for an explanation as to why he voted for it. It will impossible to stay open due to the cost for our company ???? Small businesses will do the same across our nation.

  • Barbara J Struble

    Kagen needs to be impeached – start now and then stop her from having a vote on Obamacare; then remove her from the court.

  • Bunker Hill 2

    if the supreme rules for the plaintiffs (American People), does this mean the entire 2000 plus page ocare bill is null and void or just the 1 section of it ? if the latter is the case, we will still have the rest of the ocare nightmare to become effective in 2014.

    • Bingo32

      @Bunker Hill 2-
      That is one of the four issues the justices are hearing orals on.

      Is the individual mandate unconstitutional? (YES!)

      If individual mandate is eliminated can the bill still stand on its own?
      (NO) (what is amusing here is is obama first acknowledged in lower courts that w/o the indiv mandate the whole bill falls apart. Now he’s running scared and saying it CAN stand w/o it. I don’t see how that is logistically possible b/c the revenue stream won’t be there).

      Third ? will be whether court has any right to hear the case now under the 1867 Anti-Injunction Act.
      That basically says you have to pay the tax (penalty) first b4 you can object to it. Obama has trouble here, b/c he and the dems insisted it was NOT a tax prior to signing. They wre forced to admit it was indeed a tax once in court.

      Last will the bill which forces states to expand Medicaid to beyond its resources (and basically throws everyone into Medicaid which will be called obamacare) is constitutional.

  • Lizelot

    Th basic constitutional idea was to provide checks and balances in order to prevent tyranny. The Supreme Court has a long history as a partisan arm of this tripartite system, too often bowing to current political pressure rather than applying genuine impartial and strictly constitutional judgements. Roe vs Wade is a disaster that can be directly traced to the partisan judges prevailing in that court. What we seem to acknowledge is that this crucial decision affecting the future of our nation and society may well depend on one man, Judge Kennedy. Is that what Jefferson et al had in mind? This is far too much power for anybody!! In general, we are much too prone to turn to the judiciary to make our decisions for us, and this is modern independence. It’s the tail wagging the dog.

    • Bingo32

      Cannot disagree with you.

      But remember EVEN IF obamacare is upheld by SCOTUS (which if they follow the Constitution as written, it will fail), we can still repeal it by getting the right peeps in office.

      So SCOTUS does not have last say.

  • Carol Fryer

    As strong as the globalists hold is on our government and media, I dont hold up much hope for this to actually be addressed any more then the birth certificate.

    • Bingo32

      IMO- the birth certificate issue is not being addressed b/c all of the dems in office at the time as well as Reps who had knowledge, are guilty of treason themselves. Word behind closed doors is they have a Constitutional crisis on their hands. Congress had a fiduciary responsibility to vet ALL candidates not just John McCain. He was sued by Senate to prove he was ‘natural born’ citizen and was successful in providing documents. There are no documents that can prove obama is a natural born citizen b/c it is physically impossible. His father was a brit and progeny flows from the father undre BNA of 1948 and is universally accepted. Hence he can never meet the Constitutional requirement regardless of where he was born. Both parents MUST be US Citizens, b/c the framers foresaw what is happening today when we have a president with divided loyalties.

  • Bob

    John Sparks claims we have the greatest health care system on earth and “never to forget it”….that is total and categorical bravo sierra. It certainly reins as the most expensive but it sure as the Hell isn’t the best….in foreign countries they try to CURE diseases …here in America all you get is expensive “treatments” that are oft times worse than the disease and usually don’t work worth a damn. Best health care system in the world, your horse’s padoo.

    • Bingo32

      I must disagree. I have serious illness and know my best care will be in US as long as obama is gone in Nov. 2012

  • Nellie CA

    I dropped my HMO as it was worthless and I am back on Original Medicare and supplement, I am finally getting some medical help., Last year the only person I saw at the doctors office was physician assistant and she didn’t describe my condition on the documents and I was denied health care. The Urgent care and the Emergency couldn’t do anything because the doctor had to approve any thing. It was a year of hell.

    • Bingo32

      @Nelli CA-

      I feel your pain as I lost my private ins and was uninsurable until I petitioned the court to get Medicare. Now that obama and dems STOLE $500b last Jan., Medicare will be defunct. You will roll into Medicaid (which no doctor or hospital takes) and it will be renamed ‘obamacare.’

  • dbl50

    Even if we get a 5 to 4 ruling from the Supreme Court stating, the Commerce Clause does not give the Federal Government the power to force tax payers to purchase something that they don’t want. The way President Obama and this Administration as tried to trash most of the Constitution that they will not try to do some kind of end run around the Supreme Court. Obama, Holder, Clinton and the rest have all stated that it is out dated and needs to be done away with, or at least rewritten so it doesn’t stand in Obama’s way, of his vision he has for the country.

    • Bingo32


      See my response @Carol Fryer.

      But that is one reason we are trying to get Wickard v Filburn reversed.
      obama & dems relies on that case which was wrongly decided 70 years ago.