Senator Ron Johnson Exposes Obama’s “Frugal Budget”

I mentioned yesterday that Senator Johnson of Wisconsin did a good job at the Senate Budget Committee’s hearing on tax reform. Today, I want to elaborate on two of his points.

First, he asked all three of the witnesses what the maximum marginal tax rate on any American should be. The two leftists on the panel, Len Berman and Diane Lim Rogers, hemmed and hawed because they (correctly) smelled a trap. But the Senator persisted and Len said something in the range of 45 percent and Diane said 70 percent-80 percent. This matters because recent polling data shows that the vast majority of Americans don’t want any of their fellow citizens to ever pay more than 30 percent.

Most Republicans aren’t smart enough to focus on arguments that are simultaneously economically sound and politically effective, so kudos to Senator Johnson.

The Wisconsin lawmaker also hit hard on the notion of phony spending cuts, a point near and dear to my heart (as you can see by these interviews with Judge Napolitano and John Stossel).

I touched on this yesterday, but I want to share a chart that Senator Johnson used during the testimony. As you can see, Obama’s budget doesn’t call for any budget cuts.

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  • Buck

    RON PAUL : PRESIDENT of the United States , failing that , the United States fails forever within a couple of years .

  • Barbara J Struble

    Buck, I am with you. President Dr. Paul or no United States of America.
    I am going to write his name on the ballot even if he is not the republican nominee.

    • Jana

      so – you’d rather throw away your vote than vote for the Republican choice? You are part of the problem then. Those who felt McCain was not conservative enough – HANDED BHO the Presidency!!!!!!!

      • Donald Berrian

        McCain was conservative, a patriot, and had some level of integrity. The men Ron is running against support torture, sending our kids to war for Israel, and selling out to special interests generally.

        There is no prize for voting for the winner. Voting is an expression of support and telling any of these men that you support them is a dangerous mistake. They will act on it if, by some quirk of fate, they win the election. If we can’t put in a President that will help save the country, the focus is going to have to be on Congress this time and we have to hope the country won’t be forced into default in the next four years.