How Saul Alinsky Taught Obama to Say One Thing and Do the Opposite

For those who have paid attention, President Obama has a knack for saying one thing and doing another altogether: a knack for claiming one position while actually occupying another. We first saw this when this when he was campaigning for president in 2008 and the Supreme Court struck down DC’s gun ban via the Heller decision. At the time, he claimed to mutually support the gun ban and the 2nd Amendment. (Proving this wasn’t a fluke, when Chicago’s gun ban was struck down 2 years later via the McDonald decision, he again claimed he supported both the gun ban and the 2nd Amendment.)

Perhaps his position on a mandate by which government forces citizens to buy healthcare is an even clearer example. When campaigning for the Democrat nomination for president in 2008, he differentiated between himself and fellow candidate Hillary Clinton by criticizing her plan to use a mandate as an “enforcement mechanism” to “charge people who…don’t have healthcare.” He claimed the use of a mandate for those purposes was something he couldn’t go along with, something that demonstrated a “genuine difference” between himself and Clinton.

However, on April 4, 2012, Obama urged the Supreme Court not to rule against the mandate in ObamaCare because his healthcare reforms cannot survive “in the absence of an individual mandate.”

It’s arguable that there isn’t anything that demonstrates Saul Alinsky’s impact on Obama better than these flip flops and duplicitous positions. For it was Alinsky who spent his life teaching would-be radicals (like Obama) that you can say what you have to say to get over the hump, but once you’re over the hump, you do whatever you want to do. In other words, it’s okay to present yourself as something moderate, even centrist, for the purposes of securing power, and once you’ve secured that power it is perfectly acceptable to revert to who (and what) you really are.

In Rules for Radicals, Alinsky demonstrates this with a look at how Vladimir Lenin was able to overthrow the government in pre-communist Russia:

[Lenin said, “The government has] the guns and therefore we are for peace and for reformation through the ballot. When we have the guns it will be through the bullet.” And so it was.

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  • President O-Mama is such a goood student. He should learn Critical Thinking, i.e, thinking for one’s self.

  • Muslims are positively encouraged to lie to infidels if it helps defend Islam or themselves personally, as Muslims. The Alinsky and Ayers message found fertile ground in young Barry.
    The Chicago political environment completed and consolidated his personality. By now, he actually believes in his own words.

    • Bob

      Saul Alinsky ….is he a Muslim? Lloyd Blankswine and all the other CEOs of Goldman-Sucks who essentially bought the presidency for Obama and packaged him for the drooling masses….are they Muslims? How about Benjamin Buttface Bernanke…why is it I never have seen him in a burka?

  • We saw this pattern as clear as a bell back in 2008, which gave rise to Let Freedom Ring’s “Both Ways Barack” project. See the TV spot at We plan to update it for 2012. -Colin

  • Yvonne

    Lies, lies, and more lies! Frightening indeed!

  • R.Stoddard

    Obama follows the Communist agenda using the Communist methods. Why do some of us refuse to call him what he is? Obviously he is a Communist, and a Muslim Communist at that!

  • Pat Horgan

    I hope the Republican party is making a list of these contradictory statements to use in ads during the campaign.

  • siteunseen

    OK…Obama is a Communist…now what? Someone buy this guy a one way ticket to Mars. Also buy a One Way Ticket for the Puppet Masters Rockefeller and Rothschild, who control our Government as they control our monetary system.

    • Bob

      Mars enforces their immigration laws….they’d deport the sorry s.o.b. right back to us. Try Hell, they’ll gladly accept him and the Rothschilds for whom he is such a sock puppet

  • Lizelot

    The point may actually be not so much that Obama habitually lies, but that he gets away with it. For some reason, many people simply either have a very short term memory, don’t speak English well, don’t listen well, or all of the above. He plays to that constituency. Another point is that our educational system is more and more designed to produce that kind of constituency.

    • Bob

      Yes, concerning the public fooling system…it is referred to as “dumbing down” and although that term probably goes back to the ’80s, the actual and official practice itself can be traced clear back to 1914 here in America…for proof of this, try to see if you can locate a copy of THE PUBLIC SCHOOL RACKET, written in 1951. When they raise the hammer & Sickle over the White House lawns, it will be the nation’s public school system eagerly tugging on the halyards.

  • beetlebomb

    To have your eyes opened as regards education, get a copy of John Gotto’s book “The Underground History of American Education”. Circa 1990 JG was named New York City teacher of the year. The next he was named New Your State teacher of the Year. Then he quit.

    Have you noticed that every time they create a tax program to get the rich, it eventually ends up hitting the middle class so much harder?

    The income tax we know, was initiated in 1913. It was 1% to 7% based on income and intended to affect only the upper income earners. You know what happened.

    Then there was the AMT (alternative Minimum Tax). It was specifically designed to nail exceptionally high income earners.
    It now hits many in the middle class.

    Here they go again; this time chasing down the so called 1%. All you folks in the middle class… look out. You’re a much easier flock to fleece. Willie Sutton, the notorious bank robber, when asked why he robbed banks said… “Cuz that’s where the money is.”

    The rich can afford to run or hire the best to come up with “work a rounds”. The middle class has nowhere to run.