Video: New Ad uses Solyndra and GSA to bring it to Obama

I would highly recommend you share this video with your friends, as this is a basic explanation of the recent GSA scandal. It is also a good illustration of how flawed Obama’s big government policies are.

  • Buck

    YES ! Vote for RON PAUL , even if he doesn’t get the nomination , unlike Barack Romney , he will ” fix ” government .

  • Mark B.

    Yeah! Me too! I’m voting for Perot because I want to make a difference!
    I know what you’re thinking. I am, a deep thinker! And you agree with me.

  • Bob

    Now do you finally understand why an estimated 70 million Americans have told the i.r.s. to stuff their 1040s where angels fear to tread and seagulls don’t quite fit? I want a president…not a Manchurian candidate from Kenya by way of Tel Aviv…..

  • doasIsayorelse

    There will not no crisis next week, my schedule is already full.
    I’m voting for the other guy, the christian one with the nice hair cut,
    talks like a yankee, and will uphold The Constitution, Bill of Rights, Rules of Law, 10 Commandments.