Rep. King slams White House for sharing bin Laden secrets with Hollywood

The White House has apparently undermined the secrecy that protects U.S. anti-jihadi operations because it wants to aid Hollywood’s quick production of a movie about the killing of Osama bin Laden, according to a statement from Rep. Peter King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.

E-mails released May 22 show “a damning story of extremely close, unprecedented, and potentially dangerous collaboration with top officials at the CIA, the [Department of Defense] and the White House and a top Democratic lobbying firm,” King said.

King is pressing administration officials to explain their unprecedented cooperation with producer Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal, whose movie, titled “Zero Dark Thirty,” is slated for release later this year.

Bigelow and Boal apparently used a Democratic lobbying firm, the Glover Park Group, to help them get access to officials and soldiers involved in the successful killing.

“Is it CIA practice to meet with registered lobbyists in order to facilitate access to National Clandestine Service personnel?… Were [CIA spies] introduced to Boal and Bigelow over the objections of the Director of the [CIA counterterrorism center], who apparently declined to meet with the filmmakers?” King asked in a May 23 letter sent to Michael Morell, deputy director of the CIA.

Read More at the Daily Caller. By Neil Munro.

  • Irving Schmidtlapp

    What better way for the BO to sell himself than to allow the in the tank holly woodheads to agrandize HIS single success!

    • bratberley

      I have to correct your statement……..The sucess was not his, it was our military’s sucess!!!!Any no mind with the intelligance from our military could have made that call so please do not give him credit for this mission that was accomplished by our skillful military who put their lives in danger while he sat in his office watching and hoping it was a success so he didnt have to blame someone else!!!

  • Buck

    Isn’t this just one more high crime and felony that calls for impeachment ?

    • Bryan W. Carpenter


  • Barbara J Struble

    Slaughtering another person is not a success. utilizing Rule of Law to bring a terrorist to justice – that should be the American norm.
    And why did Barry get a Nobel Peace Prize???

  • David Veselenak

    Unbelievable, every day, articles by the hundreds, expose the Muslim-Marxist’s treacherous behavior yet no one other than M. Savage has the heart to tell it like it is. Quit the damn pussy-footing around and start exposing him for the anti-American Muslim-Marxist that he is. You have a new Hitler on your hands and I’d advise all the punk*ss conservative pundits to start conveying this to the country in no uncertain terms! You want to dethrone the tyrant, than you’d better start saying what he actually is rather than trying to skirt the damn issue! He is a Muslim-Marxist implanted to destroy America in order to bring about the NWO -simple and true as that! Let the little effeminate two-bit dictator defend himself from the truth rather than issuing executive order after executive order that robs the people of their freedom! It’s obvious who he is and what it is that he is doing, so identify him for what he is: Muslim-Marxist that wants to be the new jive-^ss Hitler!

  • noelle

    Rep King is nothing but a rino war mongering jerk! TIME HAS COME FOR HIM TO GO! BIN LADEN HAS BEEN DEAD SINCE 01!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      GROW UP

  • This is not unprecedented when it comes to obama. You are talking about a president that doesn’t care one thing about America and would do anything to bring it down. He has no sense of loyalty or duty to keep the secrets of America out of the hands of Terrorists or Communists. He just wants to undermine everything that has been done to keep America free and strong against the world. This did not amaze me at all and if America can’t see what he is doing, then you are blind and don’t care what happens to this country. God help us when it comes to not stopping this man before we don’t have a country to live in or the sacred freedoms that we have all had since this country was born. Wake up America, your freedoms are being taken away and America is being undermined by Terrorists and Communists!

  • Apparently you only need to be a gollywood donor NOT to have “SECURITY CLEARANCE” to see intel docs. It is a crime BUT let us not forget news from Pakistan – the U.S. Govt. outed Doctor who helped with OSB (even though he had been on ice for about 9 yrs) Now this good man will spend 33 years in prison way to go BO.
    AND what about after he loses this election – what this criminal dirtbag knows and how our intel and such he could be more dangerous to this country. Freedom always will win out but at what cost.

  • Bob

    Now that was quite an accomplishment…killing a man who has already been dead for nine years. I wouldn’t walk across he street and pay two cents to see this Wobblyhood trashfest when it comes out. Brain candy for the drooling masses like everything else that comes out of the Glittering Ghetto now. Does this rate Obotulism another Nobel….jeeez, they must be sticking Nobel prizes in the bottoms of Cracker Jacks boxes now.

  • Judyanne

    How many fundraising events has Obama made to Hollywood? Two I remember: one was $37,500.00 and the other was $40,000.00 a plate.
    Do you think he might owe them a graditute of debt? Is this a partial payment?

  • DDB

    In their ever-growing wisdom and knowledge, the Regime said that releasing pictures of OBL would enrage the big, bad terrorists and endanger our military. YET, the same same Regime has allowed two nitwit gollywood directors unlimited access to top secret information relating to the execution of OBL. Can anybody guess who will be the star of the movie??? Let’s not concentrate on the deteriorating condition of the country’s economy, which is our job. Instead, let’s take up acting classes for upcoming debut! Allowing these people access to top military secrets IS A TREASONABLE OFFENSE – yet, nothing…….it seems whenever somebody comes out and publicly says something, in the next breath they are backtracking…..

    • siteunseen

      He hasn’t revealed any pictures because there are NO PICTURES. No Corpus Delicti = no evidence. Obama revealed nothing to the Hollyrood group, but some more lies, deceits, to paint himself as a hero and to say he killed Osama. Osama is probably just a brother from another mother for Obama.

  • grandmaliberty

    He can release secure information about the USA but spends millions to prevent release of his school transcripts…. what’s wrong with this picture…..what is he hiding. glad I wasn’t one of those woman who voted for him… I would be hiding in shame for my stupidity…

  • siteunseen

    Just one question….WHERE’S THE BODY???? Muslim’s, according to what I’ve read, don’t bury their dead at sea unless the person DIES AT SEA. Also, Navy Seals never work in large numbers, according to an interview which was aired at KPAM 860 with Victoria Taft, who is a conservative Christian Talk Show Host. The Navy Seal who was interviewed deemed the whole affair ‘BOGUS”!

  • siteunseen

    BTW: Osama hasn’t been dead for 9 years. I know an individual who was working in the house of the Saudi Kings, and she said Osama was alive in 2008-09. Her Father took care of him. So much for the death notice.