Tea Party ousts Senator Lugar . . . and Indiana’s sore loser law prevents write-in

A Tea Party-backed candidate on Tuesday ended the 36-year career of Indiana’s Republican Sen. Richard Lugar, extending a stream of victories by hard-core conservatives in GOP primaries and caucuses.

Lugar lost to GOP State Treasurer Richard Mourdock, who told MSNBC a week ago:  “To the charge that there’s a special interest group that’s been supporting us from outside the state, that’s true.  And the special interest group is called conservatives.”

Mourdock is the latest victor in what has been a sharp right turn by Republican primary voters.

The political right, in 2010, ousted Utah Sen. Robert Bennett, who could not muster enough support in Republican caucuses to win a place on the primary ballot.  Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski lost her Republican primary to Tea Party-backed Joe Miller, but came back (with support from Democratic unions and native groups) to win as a write-in.

Veteran Delaware Rep. Michael Castle, a Republican, lost his 2010 primary.  In Colorado, establishment-favored Jane Norton was defeated by prosecutor Ken Buck.

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  • Retnan

    Joe why are you publishing stuff from that liberal rag on your site?

    Mourdock does not compare to O’Donnell or Buck who were unelectable and bad candidates respectively. Mourdock is a two term state treasurer and he will win in November.

  • john

    Tragically, Alaska does not have the same “Sore Loser Law” …If so, L. Smirkowski would have had to honor her promise to respect and support the winner of Alaskan Senatorial Primary, Joe Miller! Tragically, our electoral process has been revised and abused to benefit the subversive efforts of those who have the financial and political power to manipulate and thwart Justice in this country!

  • siteunseen

    Every State in the Union should put in a sore loser law….otherwise, these write-ins will ruin the people’s choice. Oregon has one. No more write-ins if the person lost in the Primary. Boo-hoo to Lugar.

  • The O’l Man

    The only thing I have to say is:
    Do like the democraps and vote early and vote often, vote for your dead neighbor and relitives if they can do it we can do it. Of course I’m only jokeing, don’t do it unless they do it (they do it!)

  • wagerwiththe wind

    hip hip for sore looser law

  • Mr.& Mrs Robert Pasteure

    I really am glad for the citizens who threw out the establishment crooks .I have been trying for yrs. but the lousy state of Delaware keeps voting the crooks right back in office.I gotta get out of this state ,its just too corrupt & the people are stuck with it.