US truck driver misses exit, faces 35 years in Mexican jail

A Dallas-based truck driver is in prison in Mexico and facing a possible 35-year sentence because he missed his exit and had no way of turning around without crossing the border.

Jabin Bogan was making deliveries in El Paso before heading on to Arizona when he missed his exit and found himself stuck on the highway leading into Mexico. This is an easy and common mistake to make on the confusing highways of the El Paso area, but it can be a costly one, as Bogan has discovered.

Near the border he says he “asked a cop” how to turn around and was told he would have to continue on a couple of miles to an exit. The details of that part of the story are murky, as U.S. authorities say they have no record of a truck driver making such an inquiry of border agents. They say that had Bogan asked at the U.S. checkpoint, they would have stopped traffic to allow him to make a U-turn on the highway. Instead Bogan crossed the border and was stopped by Mexican authorities who searched the truck and found over a quarter of a million rounds of rifle ammunition.

Headlines in Mexico and the U.S. announced the largest detection and seizure of illegal ammunition in recent memory and strongly suggested that the shipment was destined for Mexican drug cartels. That assertion was quickly denied by both Bogan’s boss and the ammunition dealer in Phoenix, who had paid $100,000 for the shipment.

Dennis Mekenye, operations manager for Demco Freight, says the truck was equipped with a GPS tracker and when he saw it was in Mexico, he called Bogan’s cell phone. The driver told him about the missed exit and that Mexican authorities were searching the truck. Shortly thereafter, Bogan was arrested.

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  • Dan

    The driver is a moron.
    Any reasonable person would know that it is illegal to cross into Mexico and especially with a load of ammo.
    There are signs saying entering Mexico.

    • s. c.

      hay what else do you expect from a federal driving school graduate.

    • Bill Johnson

      Obviously you’ve never driven an 18 wheeler. You can’t just turn around anywhere you choose.

    • Jenny

      It is not illegal to cross into Mexico…. but it is illegal to bring firearms into Mexico.. The stupid thing was… he should have just stopped until he had help….

      • Jenny

        Oh… and especially with the President we have in office… There used to be some protection offered by our officials, should we have a problem like this. But they save all that protection for Eric Holder to ship firearms into Mexico… and for his Panther buddies.

  • Buck

    This should be a clue to ALL Americans , EVERY illegal or undocumented alien should get a minimum of 35 years in prison and then deported . When in Rome do as the Romans do , but when in America , do what the Mexican authorities would do .

  • tom

    Amazing so if your in the US illegally, your given health care, a job, food, a place to live, and educational benefits, but if your an American illegally entering Mexico your put in jail for 35 years?

    Please vote these people out of office that cannot seem to help Americans abroad.

  • Barbara J Struble

    35 years in prison is too much of my tax money. Barry likes them – perhaps they could be his body guard instead of Secret Service.
    this incident smells fishy to me.

  • Lee Wacker

    The “cop” the driver asked was most likely one of those silly advertising people some of the Mexican businessmen use.
    A friend of mine, a Hispanic, was going to Mexico City to buy furniture for his new restaurant. On the way, he got lost, and saw a uniformed man with lots of gold braid and medals, motioning him to turn into a parking lot. My friend, thinking the man was a police officer, complied, then learned the uniformed individual was only a “doorman” directing people into a new car wash!

  • The O’l Man

    Omamba and his gang can export thousands of guns to mexico and it’s no big deal, if you are a trucker
    you can’t even turn around with a load of ammo.
    I know two hundred and fifty thousand rounds sounds like a lot,
    you would be supprised at how much ammo crosses this country every day. I have two Sons that drive truck and they are hauling ammo all the time, a lot of it goes to the southwest area so a truck load of ammo in that area is no big deal, it’s very common.

  • CaptTurbo

    It was probably another gift from Holder to his drug cartel friends.

  • Randy

    Hey Mexico, we want our driver and the million rounds back.

  • siteunseen

    Moral of the Story: “Don’t ship Ammunition near Mexico borders” Would we have stopped the truck driver if we saw 500 pounds of marijuana in the truck? Yes. He was carrying the wrong cargo. It looks suspect to me also.

  • Tom Deam

    In 2001 I had a friend do the same thing going into Nogales, Az. He had a load of produce that was going to a company on the Arizona side of the border but directions were confusing and he was in a spot where he could not turn around. The Mexican Border Patrol detained him and later charged $7,000 for bail. They impounded the truck and trailer, kept the produce and later returned the truck and empty trailer for an undisclosed amount from the company that he drove for. This happens more often than they would like you to believe but our government needs to get tough with these corrupt Border Patrol Agents from Mexico!

  • Jeff Gabel

    Misleading headline and misleading point to putting story out.
    The guy wasn’t arrested for accidentally crossing into Mexico he was arrested for carrying a large load of ammo.
    Was it an honest mistake?
    Kind of weird for sure.

    • jay

      Common sense, thank you for your comment.

  • Bob

    Screw Mexico and all their idiotic corrupt border guards its time to toughen up America. Send in the Seals to get this guy out. Then throw out all the illegals that are here. Mexico couldnt handle the influx of people. Of course we all know that our sissy Pres will do nothing

  • Gvhparkridge

    Send in the Marines now . where is Muslem killer ? Hiding in the White House taking a golf lesson?