51% of US sees Federal Gov’t as threat to liberty, 24% say states can secede

Nearly one-quarter of Americans believe that states have the right to secede, according to a recent poll from Rasmussen Reports — up 10 percentage points in two years.

The latest poll is just one of many that shows that Americans have “serious and growing concern about the federal government,” according to Scott Rasmussen, founder and president of Rasmussen Reports.

According to the phone survey released Sunday, 24 percent of Americans believe that states should be able to withdraw from the United States to form their own country, if they want. Nearly 60 percent (59) of Americans say they don’t believe states have the right to secede, while 16 percent are undecided.

“We do see that people are concerned about the federal government in a variety of ways,” Rasmussen told CNSNews.com. “51 percent believe that it’s a threat to individual liberties.

“It may just be part of a growing frustration with other aspects of the federal government,” he said.

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  • BigArch

    Hopefully the south will pull out again…….Yes the feds are the problem as they were in 1860.

  • HadEnuf

    Fifty-one percent, only fifty-one percent realize that the citizens have become the enemy of the state, what’s the other fourty-one percent doing, sleeping? Hell, you’d have to be a moron not to reconize the ongoing tyranny.
    It is time for the states to start manning militias. The constitution premits this as the founders had the wisdom to see that America could have the government such as the one that is now in place. The citizens have become the enemy of the state. This is recently born out by a news item that I had recently heard on the radio where innocent citizens were made to get out of their cars and be handcuffed by the local “jackboots” as they were in the process of apprehending a bank robber! Where’s the commie AClU on this one? It occurred in Denver, when, I don’t know. Why haven’t the “state-run” media reported this alarming incident? Folks, we are living in a police state. Have you noticed the militarization of the local and state police departments; most of the one’s I have noticed lately are over six foot and two hundred and fifty pounds. They are intimidators and are becomming part of the “civilian army” that the new Hitler had foretold of while he was campaigning. He is getting rid of our bravest young men by using them as cannon fodder in senseless wars and then he has the gaul to cut their health benefits when they return home mentally and physically maimed! The snake will gladly use them as political props on such days as Memmorial Day to fool the sheeple into thinking that he really honors them which couldn’t be farther from the truth; and don’t forget about the MILITARY DRONES that are being deployed to spy on American citizens, especially those who speak out such as myself and all thr others such as yourselves that speak the truth. WAKE UP, WISE UP, RISE UP! this growing tyrannical regime!

  • RLee

    Seccession would be impossible. Nullification on the other hand is just what the doctor ordered. Term limits, eliminate presidential signing statement, disallowing any law or bill that is in conflict with the constitution or bill of rights, massive government employee reductions…

  • We have become the enemy of the state. The U.S.Constitution is the key; those not willing to protect, or carry out their “oath”, should be the ones considering seccession. For the ex-military politicians, who know better [Kerry,Gore,McCain,Powell,etc.] we should consider South East Cuba for them.

  • Bill

    I have not given this much thought but I like the possibility seeing as we are spinning around the drain faster now than any time in my memory, probably in our creation. I do believe, though, that there would be more right to seccession by Texas as were they not the only free ‘country’ on their own before joining the union?