Feds retaliate against Texas’ 10th Amendment efforts

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has spent much of the past three years loudly and defiantly fighting against what he views as Washington meddling in state affairs, often refusing to cooperate with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and becoming a leader in the battle against President Barack Obama’s health care plan.

Other Republican governors pursuing a similar tactic may want to take note of what’s happened in Texas amid Perry’s hard-fought battle: An obstinate refusal to cooperate has resulted in more, not less, federal oversight.

“We’re very conservative and we’re very stubborn,” said Bill Miller, a lobbyist in Austin for HillCo who has represented both Republicans and Democrats. He described the Texas mindset this way: “We’re not going to be smart. We’re going to be pure. It’s a point of pride and if there’s something else we’re proud of, it’s our pride.”

One area where Texas has fought ferociously with the feds has been on environmental regulations. Yet as the state challenged EPA rules in court over the past three years, the federal agency simply side-stepped the state to work directly with industry.

A similar scenario is playing out with Obama’s health care overhaul in Texas, where nearly a quarter of the population, or 6.2 million people, are uninsured. Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has given the law the green light, it’s highly likely that Texas won’t have time to build a key program, forcing the federal government to design and manage it until the Lone Star State steps up.

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  • Harold Clark

    Hiel Obama, man your guns Texas, the gestopo isw coming, lead by eric Holdover.

  • Doug

    I have no idea why Justice Roberts took the road he did in this Affordable Health care act, but I’m sure he had good reasons and they had nothing to do with this law being constitutional…and drafting it in language that suggest it is a tax and thereby legal for Congress to Tax us is sad..and raises the question when are we going to get people in Washington that haven’t been trained in the art of deception so we know what they in Washington are actually taking about..or does every American need a degree in law to protect themselves?? The bottom line is States must be able to uphold the 10th Amendment to protect its citizens within each State…which are our front line Officers no matter what Washington does! We must be United…but we must have elected Officials in Washington that look out for ALL the people of their State. Or they will achieve the goal of a United Nations Controlled State…and we’ll need a passport to visit our family from Ohio to Detroit.

    • howe71

      I would like to think that Justice Roberts made a brilliant move because if he declares Obamacare unconstitutional, the democratically controlled senate would have stonewalled a replacement health care bill to allow the President and top democrats to rally the party base by saying that the republicans want to kill healthcare for women, children and the disabled. By Justice Roberts doing what he did, he also made it crystal clear that Obamacare was unconstitutional unlesss they called the 2000$ penalty a tax. And by the way Roberts also declared medicaid mandates by the govt were also unconstitutional, that save bankruptcy of medicaid programs for most states. Most people in our country do not want Obamacare and the court ruling makes it much easier to repeal since it will only take 51 votes in the senate to repeal a tax, otherwise it would have to be a 60 vote margin to repeal. I think Roberts was trying to make it easier for voters to kick Obama and his communist sympathizers out of office, since Obama would veto any attempt to repeal this bill. This President is not a President for all people like he promised us when he campaignd. He has a marxist agenda that has no compromise on the road to killing the free market system.

  • howe71

    It is shameful to hear the nasty and demonizing remarks from people who call themselves Americans. We have the most devisive President in the history of our country and unions, political parties and media people who seem to enjoy denigrating someone or some group. Karl Rove was making a bad joke and to villify someone who has apologized for the remark that was taken seriously by those who make snap judgements about who shall say what and when is a big problem. The days of honest debate and civilty is getting rare in the political arena, but what’s worse is the trend these days to get downright mean and disrespectful to our fellow man. Trash talk sells lots of news media and it rubs off on the ignorant in such a way that it will eventually do grave harm to all Americans. Phyliss go fly a kite.