General Mills Announces Support for Gay Marriage at MN Homosexual Pride Event

The Minnesota food giant that brought to the nation’s parents, and especially their children, the Honey Nut Bee, Lucky the Leprechaun and the Silly Trix Rabbit now publicly is supporting homosexual marriage, leaving critics surprised at General Mills’ abandonment of traditional values families.

General Mills CEO Ken Peters announced this week at a Minneapolis homosexual pride event that his company opposes the marriage amendment on the Minnesota ballot in November.

Same-sex marriage is already illegal in Minnesota, but supporters of the traditional marriage initiative say that the constitutional amendment would keep marriage safe from activist courts and even legislators who may attempt to usurp state law.

Already there is a case in Hennepin County effectively putting the Minnesota Defense of Marriage Act on trial, and Minnesota pro-traditional marriage groups say that the November ballot measure is critical.

Supporters of traditional marriage say that General Mills couldn’t be more wrong in calling its support a business decision, but that is precisely how General Mills is voicing its opposition to the idea that state residents could define marriage for themselves.

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  • siteunseen

    Stop eating cereal folks. Make your own. Check out Bob’s Red Mill on the web.

  • Harold Clark

    Another bunch of immoral trashbags who will no longer get any of my bisiness.

  • Robert

    Boycott General Mills products and sell stock if you own it

  • Poppo

    Another brand we won’t be buying any more! –
    (Actually buy the ‘Great Value’ brand anyway.)

  • DocJohnM

    No more General Mills for me, I’ll not place money in their coffers in support of gay marriage. I don’t understand how all these companies are saying it’s a business decision. They are pandering to the gay community and how much cash is the gay community adding to General Mills bottom line?