Has the Day of the Islamist Arrived?

Sixteen months after the United States abandoned its loyal satrap of 30 years, President Hosni Mubarak, to champion democracy in Egypt, the returns are in.

Mohammed Morsi, candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood, is president of Egypt, while the military has dissolved the elected parliament that was dominated by the Brotherhood, and curbed his powers.

The military and the mullahs will fight for the future of a country that is home to one in four Arabs. The soldiers who have dominated Egypt since the ouster of King Farouk in 1952 show no willingness to surrender what they have long controlled of the state and economy.

Yet in the long run, the Brotherhood—whose claim to guide the nation’s destiny is rooted in a faith 1,400 years old—is likely to prevail.

In Syria, the uprising against Bashar Assad appears headed for civil war, with atrocities on both sides. Some 10,000 are estimated to have died, a far bloodier affair than Egypt. And here, too, the day of the Brotherhood, massacred in the thousands by Bashar’s father in Hama, seems not far off.

Read more at takimag.com. By Patrick J. Buchanan.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Rashad (Creative Commons)

  • siteunseen

    U.S. should have kept their noses out of all of this. It’s really none of our business. Mubarak was given Billions of dollars from the pockets of American Taxpayors, and what did he do with the money? He kept it in a booty for himself. Taking money from poor Americans to give to rich Dictators is out of the question. We should discontinue any support of countries with despots for rulers. The United States is supposed to be a Sovereign Nation. If the poor Christians of Egypt need to escape the Muslim dominance, then we should open the doors, since we let them down in the first place, but keep out noses out of the Middle East. Our presence only adds fuel to the fire. Then…look into using Hydrogen to propel automobiles. It can be done and there are kits to do it. You don’t need the Government to stop you from doing it, just don’t let anyone know you’re filling your tank with water rather than gasoline, it gets the big OIL companies who are making billions very nervous.