How Whistle Blowers Flipped Boehner on Holder

Just days ago, House Speaker John Boehner shocked the conservative world by at last granting his long-awaited approval for next week’s contempt of Congress vote against Attorney General Eric Holder. But it wasn’t the thought of doing what’s right for the family of Brian Terry, Jaime Zapata, or others killed in the Regime’s Fast and Furious scheme that prompted the Speaker’s decision.  After all, Mr. Boehner is hardly one to risk a loss of political advantage—or more importantly, anger the national media—just because a few hundred people have been killed by his Democrat friends.

No, the very cautious Congressman Boehner and other Republican leaders at last chose to take a stand because of reports that “…at least one and perhaps two sources within the Justice Department…have approached the Issa committee seeking whistle blower status.”

For weeks, it has been suggested that House and Senate committees investigating Eric Holder’s participation in Operation Fast and Furious were receiving vital information from a leak in the Department of Justice.  An example of said information is the collection of wiretap applications produced by the House Judiciary Committee last week—documents proving that Attorney General Holder and others at the Department had been lying to Congress in claiming no knowledge of ATF tactics in its scheme of smuggling guns to Mexico.

In a letter to Holder, Darrell Issa made it clear, “…the wiretap applications amply demonstrate the immense detail documenting gun walking tactics that should have prompted senior officials in the (DOJ) Criminal Division to shut down the program immediately.”  Yet for the past year, Holder and his DOJ minions had maintained that the Operation was not halted because the Department knew nothing of the ATF’s reckless and illegal tactics. That was a lie, and thanks to the DOJ employee or employees now seeking whistle blower protection, Holder and his colleagues are STUCK with it.

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  • Cincinnati Rick

    Yes, John Boehner will never be featured in “Profiles in Courage.” But prudence has its place. Remember…he saw Gingrich crash and burn over the Clinton Impeachment and is rightly cautious about squandering political capital over a red herring.

    • Squandering political capital?? How about just standing up rather than crawling.

  • Boehner is just as weak as others (his repub buddies) of his ilk. He disgusts me. Wouldn’t you think the House Speaker would be able to stand up for his country?

    • Peter

      You mean like Pelosi?

      The system has failed!! Washington is riddled by incompetents,Crooks,”thugs” in suits” on both sides of the aisle!

      How is it that Pelosi says”we will pass this legislation(Obama Care) without a vote if necessary” as if we were “drones” living in Bolshevik Russia,Nazi Germany,Mussolini’s Italy to name just three.

      These people,all of those we elect take an oath and immediately violate it without consequence.

      This depravity,this unethical often criminal activity began en-mass at best 50 years ago when Assassins murdered J.F.K and R.F.K. in broad daylight,supposedly secure and the Warren Commission “covered up” who,why and how the crimes were committed.

      Obama’s hero L.B.J.(his own words) became an unelected President and proceeded to create entitlements we could not afford not to mention the Vietnam War which was illegal as Congress did Not authorize any of it!

      We lost 65,000 kids,multiples more wounded both mentally and Physically who could not live the American Dream turned Nightmare.

      Johnson spent billions of the people’s money,brought “class warfare” and America was forever changed.

      Obama,Holder,Rangel,the charged but never tried Water’s,Byrd,the worst of us went on to pervert the Constitution,create the Domestic and Foreign policies that led us to Bankruptcy,tyranny,two President’s facing “articles of impeachment”,the very system that the Founder’s and the Framer’s most feared. The Constitution was designed to “limit Government!!

      Democracy,Freedom.Opportunity,a future for ourselves and our kids have been stolen as those who are sworn to protect all of us and this country became the disease,not the cure!!

      We are Not free. You cannot be free when your very existence is not in your control! We are dependent for resources,debt service and policies of those who would destroy us. This Cancer has been growing for 5 decades reaching stage 4.

      Boehner,all of those who would turn away when crimes are committed can not be tolerated. It’s about this country,the many million “legal” immigrants who risked everything,had nothing but built America,fought for America,died for America are knowingly “mocked”.

      The end game is clear. The responsible parties are clear,the threat to our survival is clear.

      Live Free Or Die is on every license
      plate,on every vehicle in the State Of New Hampshire is there for a reason!

      Get it?

      • Irving Schmidtlapp

        WOW! I thought I was passionate! You rock Peter! I am with you 110%
        The only way any to changes this is to throw out the career politicians and elect folks who do not want to make a living out of politics!

      • Ray

        AMEN to this !! And to use nanzi pelousy as a dimocrap example – you can’t make sense of anything she says, unles you’re a drone follower, who can’t stand the truth . .

    • bingo35

      I would have thought so but then again I’m just a mere mortal constituent who is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

  • Cape Conservative

    I do hope that after the November elections we will see a leadership change in both houses – we need to allow others…especially those with STRONG conservative values…to take the reins. The current leaders have been in their positions far toooooo long and Americans are tired of the status quo!

  • barackalypse now

    Red herring? It is definitively clear that “Fast and Furious” is no red herring. And, in my humble opinion, John Boehner’s legacy will be duly recorded in the Guinness Book of Records for spinelessness–he cannot be replaced soon enough.

  • Quencher

    Still, the first legal opportunity to get rid of Holder may be at the November election. If Obama is thrown out then Holder will be out. Any effective action before then is not likely to get the job done. We need to keep the case active and in the media for the voters to see what Obama and Holder have been up to. VOTE!

  • Retro

    And you let it grow every time you did the wrong thing by yourself and toward other people. Politicians are not gods, they are a reflection of the society they serve and if we and the society around us are in ethical decline what do you expect.

    We would not be in this mess but for the greed that con artists pray on. Every mothers child is now to go to college or be a big shot smart ass with a fancy house and money first. Manual labor? 20 year old cars or trailer homes and the knowhow to fix or maintain such humble things or even families? Well that is for losers and our wink an nod illegal immigrunts without massive debts and progressive athiest BS degrees. But by God it’s up to politicians to provide COLA PC government jobs. Liberal la la land but 50%+ demand it of people like Boehner who sees the handwriting on the wall and walks the political tight rope in hopes that there are still enough people in this country who will wake up, stand up, and elect at least a veto proof Senate that will insist on even one of the 80+ measures passed by the House but buried in the Senate and steer us away from the financial meltdown the Democrats are power bent on, and have been trying to double down on since 2006.

    People seem to have very short selective memories and buy into the lawyerspeak of the media and society as a whole when things turn on a dime of perception in the big leagues anymore and Boehner can not afford to go off half cocked like armchair critics can, the stakes are too high for all of us.

    Boehner is a decent man doing his best given the circumstances so how about a little less emotionally driven criticism, I say.