Marco Rubio “applauding” Obama’s New Illegal Alien Deportation Policy

A GOP senator on the short list to be Mitt Romney’s running mate is applauding President Obama’s move to forego deportations for some illegal immigrants.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said the more lenient policy is “welcome news” for those immigrants who will benefit, though he was quick to knock the administration for acting unilaterally.

“Today’s announcement will be welcome news for many of these kids desperate for an answer, but it is a short term answer to a long term problem,” the Cuban-American Rubio said in a statement. “And by once again ignoring the Constitution and going around Congress, this short term policy will make it harder to find a balanced and responsible long term one.”

Rubio’s comments are a stark contrast to those coming from other Republicans, who are blasting the new rules as a threat to U.S. jobs and – in the words of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) – “possibly illegal.”

Rubio’s remarks also further complicate the position of GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, who took a hard conservative line against illegal immigrants amid the heat of the GOP primary but is now searching for ways to soften that stance to appeal to Hispanic voters, who will be vital in a number of swing states in November.

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  • Do we have another Scott Brown?

    • pearl

      He should be so honorable. Rubio has lied to everyone who supported him. Brown was shaky to begin with.

      • WeimMom

        I do NOT understand this great love for Rubio, he lied at least twice about his illegal parents, can’t tell me he didn’t know his own parents history! Then we have his credit card scandal, thought people were tired of the corruption!!

  • R.Cook

    Rubio just scuttled any chance at being the VP choice. He was not qualified anyway (parents were not citizens when he was born).

  • CaptTurbo

    Rubio can pound sand. I was once a supporter of his. No amnesty is acceptable. Not now, not ever!

  • R.Ward

    Totally agree with R.Cook. Mark Rubio off right now.

  • RS

    I have always felt that there was something that I did not trust in Rubio. Now we all know what it is. No potential president should applaud a criminal act as Obama has just committed. Rubio has killed his chances of being a successful politician as well as his chances to be Veep or President.

  • pearl

    Marco Rubio, what a joke! To think he had me and millions of real Americans fooled. But the minute I heard he had no respect for the Constitution and was willing to put himself forward as VP, I knew it was an act all along. Rubio will be lucky to hold onto his senate seat at this rate.

  • DocJohnM

    I once respected Rubio but no longer. He is now part of the problem and certainly has no answers. This is the problem with the Republican Party, it’s all splintered, no solidarity. Tea Party is still the answer but even a snake like Rubio can slither past the Tea Party! His family escaped Cuba to get away from that government and then decides to bring it here.

  • Now I know rubio must be voted out, just another dumb sh!# rino.

  • Brian

    Marco Rubio has shown his colors!!! He isn`t what the American Citizens need!!! I have No More support for him as he`s just another RINO!!!

  • I was putting together a list of people Mitt could choose for VP, and of course Rubio was on the list. We look at him and see:

    1. Young,
    2. Smart
    3. Hispanic
    4. Articulate
    5. And, from a swing state

    If the list above is qualification enough to be the VP, then I’m ready to serve my country as the next VP of the United States. I will be expecting a call from Mitt very soon.

    Oh wait… Even though I meet all five of the qualifications above, I may not be the best choice for Mitt and neither is Rubio.

  • Connie

    Unbelievable… Since when is ok to bow down to the people who come here ILLEGALLY???? Why should our country and $$ go to making these law breaking people have rights that alot of other people don’t have??? I can bet you that if you were in ANY other country illegally, there would be dire consequences!! Why is it that we have to GIVE them everything, including $$??? Just unbelievable… SMH….