Obama to ignore federal law, grant 800k illegal aliens immunity from deportation

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said that the administration’s new program for young illegal immigrants is “not amnesty” despite the fact that it will remove them from the deportation process.

The program, announced Friday, would grant as many as 800,000 younger illegal immigrants immunity from deportation and allow them to qualify for federal work permits.

“The granting of deferred action under this new directive will not provide an individual with permanent lawful status and it will not provide a pathway to obtaining permanent lawful status or citizenship,” Napolitano said in Friday morning conference call with reporters.

“This grant of deferred action is not immunity, it is not amnesty,” Napolitano said.  “It is an exercise of discretion so that these young people are not in the removal system.”

However, on the same conference call, senior administration officials told reporters that the program would “eliminate” qualifying illegals from the “universe of people subject to immigration enforcement.”

Read more at CNS News HERE.

  • Bruce Feher

    You ignore some Federal Law or rule and you’ll be put on a chain gang!

  • EK

    This is total bulls**t! He has NO right to subvert federal law by granting legal status to illegal immigrants. This is a political move designed to secure him votes in November. When he was elected he swore to uphold the laws of this land and he has done just the opposite. Impeach Obama NOW!!

    • 25800

      EK Impeachment will take to long, it will be quicker to vote the impostor out in November!

    • Ray

      This is not the first law that Obama has decided not to follow since he has been in office! Remember the defense of marriage act (DOMA)?

  • 25800

    Nothing will surprise me when it does to obama blatant attempt to reelection! obama has Panetta out thanking homosexual in the military instead of doing his job of protecting the United States, obama has reno @ homeland security forgetting the laws on illegal immigration, and giving work permits to almost a million aliens, when 20 million Americans are out of work ! Just who is the second class citizen in the country, I say it’s the taxpaying American citizen who worked hard paid his mortgage who has lost 30-40 percent of the equity in their home & 401K who paid off their student loans and saved the money to send their kids to collage!

    • 25800

      I ment janet napoleono

      • Bob

        No problem —-the difference is in name only: they are both a couple of treasonous, oath violating, jewish clam bumpers who are as totally worthless as they are ugly anyway.

    • Diane B

      You are absolutely correct. It is the communist’s goal to destroy middle america so he has only a poor class dependent upon the govt for life. Dependent people are very controllable. Then you have the wealthy who will be under his control through their sheer stupidity and ignorance. Then you have the others who will continue to support the whole group. The author of The Hunger Games spelled it out quite well because the nitwits in the Capitol are today’s liberals…..not a clue!

  • Kevin


    • Spot On, Kevin: but he is already convinced he is OUR DICTATOR! Why not? He’s been allowed to do as he damned pleases and no one dares to mention IMPEACHMENT! Everyone is so scared of him, they are afraid to even mouth the word. We have a Congress and Supreme Court full of wimps and cowards.

  • howard white

    another 800 k americans will be out of work . thank you obummer

  • Bob

    No, of course it is not “amnesty”…
    it is called treason.

  • Victoria

    I think of all the American Citizens who will not get jobs because of this.
    Young adults with out a college education. Students trying to earn money while going to College as well as high school students looking for work. Unemployed MINORITIES who can’t find job as it is. How do they feel about this.

  • Bob F.

    You need to re-name this site. There is no restoring freedom any more, it’s gone too far. We can’t even slow them down let alone turn things around. Just because something is illegal or if the majority is against it, the liberals/progressives do what they want anyway. We have lost control of our government and we are now at the mercy of tyrants. Start sharpening the pitchforks, that’s about all we have left to fight with.

  • worldwatcher

    The Perfect Storm Among the Roses

    Obama has now opened the floodgates with well over 1 million people will vote that are not Americans. This is why the DOJ went down to Florida at the same time to Colorado and Wisconsin. This was a very clever maneuver played by master manipulator long live Barack Hussein Obama!!

    In a brief skirmish Barack Hussein Obama took over the 2012 presidential election.
    Hello not one of you saw this coming they have created a perfect storm of politics. He told you did you hear him if only you would listen to his word’s. You all missed the war the far left the elite have been at war for over 50 years. The right the far right the medium right even the tiny right never even knew there was a war being waged against you.

    Obama has now opened the floodgates with well over 1 million people will vote that are not Americans. This is why the DOJ went down to Florida at the same time to Colorado and Wisconsin. This was a very clever maneuver played by master manipulator long live Barack Hussein Obama!!

  • bill

    When you think you are better that the american people you work for you you are no better than a traitor to our country.
    Hitler tried to do be a dictator and we know what happened to him in the end.

  • Doodelen

    I just feel sorry and depressed when I talk to people who only watch CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS that give a look of disbelief when informed of Obama’s shenanigans. Please, please vote in November 2012.

  • Doug

    This is his final stand in taking down the country he and his father hate. His last year in Office and he knows it!! His opportunity to reveal any of our most securite government documents, pass laws that no-one wants and push to remove the highest court in our nation, and push for a more powerful UN laws! Right now we are facing a very dangerious person with his hand on our nations control switch, after all what does he have to lose(?). It is going to take the next real President three years to undo the damage this man has done…I am still mad at the American people for electing a person we knew nothing about then or now! But what we had heard was enough to stop a wise person from casting a vote in his election!

  • sharksbreath

    IF Obama is king then Reagan must be God. Because he gave millions immunity on immigration.

    Yeah the guy that invented cut and run. The guy who raised taxes multiple times. Seems as if Jeb Bush was right.

    Reagan couldn’t get elected with todays republican party.

    And he’s your hero.

    Just goes to show how insane your party really is.

    • Harold Clark

      Another ‘village idiot, and Obama teat sucker speaks.

  • Harold Clark

    Come on congress show some guts and stop this little Nazi like dictator, or is it a commie like Stalin?

  • Lizelot

    First of all, don’t immigrants have to pass a (perhaps now meaningless?) test before they are granted citizenship, and doesn’t that normally take months of red tape besides money? We all realize, don’t we, that Obama is springing all these obnoxious and hugely unpopular edicts on us in order to divert attention from his ineptidude, our dismal economy, and the alarming increase in open racism on the part of Blacks? We are NOT afraid of Obama, we feel threatened by his followers and enablers–but Gov. Scott Walker has shown us having spine helps. Let’s keep our focus, shall we, and thwart Obama and his cronies. Stand behind King and Issa for starters. Unity, focus!