Obama admin. orders that military insignia be stripped from Bibles

The Pentagon has revoked permission for a Christian ministry to produce Bibles for different branches of the military, marked with those insignias, after an anti-Christian group called them a threat to national security.

In 2003, B&H Publishing, a division of LifeWay Christian Resources, was given authorization to use the official seals of the U.S. military branches on a line of Bibles. No government funds were used in the production of the Bibles, which contained devotional material unique to each service branch in much the same way they are tailored to other groups such as teens or children.

As part of the features, the Bibles featured the Pledge of Allegiance, the first and fourth verses of the Star Spangled Banner, Patton’s famous Christmas prayer card from 1944 as well as testimonials from the Officers’ Christian Fellowship.

Nowhere in the Bibles did they state that they were endorsed by any government entity or military branch.

Despite this, last year the Military Religious Freedom Foundation sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta demanding the military rescind its authorization to use the service emblems, saying it was a violation of church and state separation.

Read more at WND HERE.

  • ShirleyMAyala

    Is it November Yet????

  • Disgusted

    IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH. We cannot wait and have this Anti-God person in control of our military, even our own lives. IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH

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      Better yet, strip him down, hang him by his ankles from the flagpole on Our house, the white, and let the pigeons take care of him.

    • Heyoka

      Impeach is an action of a lawful government acting against a renegade executive that acts in directly against the lawful government or one that conforms to the mandates and limits of the Constitution.
      We are way past that. If you hold onto the belief that law and justice still govern the united States, you are a damned fool and waiting for a train that will not come.
      Alito just died… do you possibly have any small concept of what that means??? Article IV Section4 demand that the US guarantee a Republican form of government to the several states. The Communism that has been institutionalized and the Marxist efforts of the traitors have brought us to this while we slept. Only your faith, you arm, the sword and Almighty God is our deliverance. Your pitiful remonstrance is simply that, pitiful.

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    This is some funny stuff. This is satire right?

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      wishful thinking Guest…

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    Remove this criminal