Two Unlikely Colleagues Sound A Wakeup Call

Inspired by their shared tragic experience, two fathers have forged an unlikely partnership to spread awareness of the growing number of Islamic homegrown terrorists in the U.S. and of the government’s refusal to identify the violent acts of these individuals as acts of terror.

On June 1, 2009, outside a military recruiting office in Little Rock, Arkansas, 23-year-old Army Pvt. William “Andy” Long was shot and killed, and 18-year-old Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula was wounded by self-proclaimed jihadist Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, formerly known as Carlos Bledsoe. In an AP interview, Muhammad claimed that his act was not murder because his act was justified, and even that it displayed “common sense.” He related that “U.S. soldiers kill innocent Muslim men and women” and that Muslims need to “strike back.”

Andy’s father, Daris Long and the father of the shooter, Melvin Bledsoe, met in the aftermath of this event under the most grievous of conditions. Even so, they have since formed a friendship and mutual mission to find closure in their shared tragedy by spreading awareness among Americans of the realities of their ordeal, and by demanding that their government identify this tragedy as what it is: a domestic act of Islamic terror.

In an issued statement concerning the death of Andy Long and wounding of Quinton Ezeagwula, the U.S. Army held that there was insufficient evidence to justify their entitlement to Purple Heart awards. This statement seems curious, considering that Army Purple Heart Regulations state that “…each approved award of the Purple Heart must exhibit all of the following factors: wound, injury, or death must have been the result of enemy or hostile act, international terrorist attack, or friendly fire.” This tragedy seems to more than qualify a fallen or injured soldier for this award, and even more so when it is taken into account that Muhammad (Bledsoe) committed his violent act after an extended stay and conversion to Islam in Yemen, a country that known terroristic conspirators and masterminds have called home for years.

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  • combatvet

    I have something to say as a Vietnam vet. This is not my military and under the current homosexual loving Muslim impostor in the White House and a spineless group of cowards in the general staff, we are doomed as a nation. Open homosexuality in the military is the death blow of a once proud fighting force and the palpable hatred of our brothers in arms emanating from the former WHite House is beyond palpable. It is way past time for action as the political correctness of this criminal government regarding the sick islamic terrorists invading our nation and military has reached a crescendo. One tenth of one percent of our population and their rights are superior to the rest of the nation. Call these knuckle draggers what they are, “TERRORISTS.” Deport them all along with the illegal aliens, who are a bunch of felons being granted rights superior to real Americans. It’s got to stop or it will be stopped and it won’t be pretty!

    • CombatVet–I too served in Viet Nam and believe just as you do when it comes to our liberal, Muslim loving, communist president. I commend you on your ideas and wish there was a way that all would see that America is going down the wrong path. The illegal aliens should be either given jail sentences and then sent back or rounded up just like the Anti-American muslims who have one thing and thats to disrupt America and kill anyone that does not agree with them. I did my duty and I’m proud that I served, I felt that was the least I could do in order to live in America. These people come over here for one thing and that is to defeat America from within and the Muslim Brotherhood never stops teaching the destruction of America and our system of Democracy. God Bless You For Serving!!

    • Rob

      I agree with everything but the homosexuality .. I dont see the harm with gay men and women serving and fighting for our country .. I think we should leave their lifestyle between them and God .. We should focus on getting these evil islamic murders out of our country along with the other illegal aliens .. I hate to sa it, but I dont feel safe in my own country anymore .. The political correctness being shown a bunch of terrorists and felons is sick and will be the downfall of our great nation

      • P Barros


        I almost agree with you. The problem is, I am forced to respect the beliefs and choices of those that practice homosexuality wheather I agree with them or not. But what happened to my choices and beliefs? Doesn’t it count? This issue is personal and does not belong in government; in our laws or otherwise. It belongs in the privacy of your own home. As a result of this stupidity, we now have our own schools teaching and indirecytly promoting homosexuality to our children. This whole movement is simply wrong! I, for one, am not interested in publicly hearing the details of a woman’s heavy menstrual cycle, vaginal diseases, sexual experiences and, positively not interested on the open details of homosexuality. Again, it is a private matters that does not belong in public. It needs to go back to the closet where it came from.