US Fed, Banks Prepare for Worldwide Chaos Following Tomorrow’s Vote

Speculation is mounting that central banks including the Bank of England, Bank of Japan and US Federal Reserve are readying emergency support measures to fight the market fall-out which the result of the polls could unleash.

G20 officials said central banks were ready to step in if needed to stabilise financial markets after the vote. Canada is “ready to act” if the situation takes a serious turn for the worse or there is “an external shock”, a spokesman for its prime minister said.

The head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, also fuelled speculation of looming action, as he indicated inflation was not a threat which would prevent a move.

“There are serious downside risks here,” he said. “This risk has to do mostly with the heightened uncertainty.”

In the UK, the Chancellor has announced £140bn emergency funds will be funnelled to banks via the Bank of England to avoid another credit crunch against the backdrop of the eurozone crisis. The prospect of more action boosted the UK’s benchmark FTSE 100 index on Friday, which closed up 0.22pc at 5,478.81 points.

Read more at the UK Telegraph HERE.

  • siteunseen

    Is this because the House is voting to audit the Federal Reserve Bankrupters? This is all planned and pre-planned you know. Economic collapse a tool of the Elite to enslave the world in OWG scheme.

    • Constitution

      to siteuseen and Jon Watts. This article was forwarded to me by a subscriber who is concerned and I forwarded to others. Is this why Ron Paul has been busy and not fully engaged in his campaign and his son announced is support of Willard Romney. Did Willard slip out of CA during his campaigning there and into the Marriott in Virginia to meet with the Bilderberg group, probably picked up shopping bags stuffed with big money, and slipped back into CA, probably to one of his mansions to drop the loot without anyone knowing? Willard’s pals the Mormons own all the Marriotts. Why did the Bilderberg group choose the Marriott in VA for meeting, was it planned to meet with Willard without publicity and because there is no limit to the $ anyone can contribute to election campaigns? Curiouser and Curiouser.

  • We are on the event horizon of this black hole created by politically motivated overspending, both foreign and domestic.

    The sheer scale of this pattern of failure clearly demonstrates that vote-driven socialism propped up by Keynesian monetary policy will be the ruin of the worlds economy.

  • Donald Berrian

    This is Greece right? The “downside risk” is mainly speculators trying to create a market swing they can profit from. The only relationship with us is the fact that we are headed into the same black hole by living on borrowed money.

  • Bob

    What a bunch of flatus …..if every bankster in the world were to suddenly keel over dead in his tracks, not only would the world survive as it has for eons before banks were even invented…it would thrive. Banksters are ZERO…they are nothing…ciphers. They produce NOTHING yet take everything…leolom teckach is their mantra. Ever heard of it? It is yiddish for TAKE EVERYTHING. Well that is precisely what they have done. Do you have what it is going to take to get it back—your freedoms, everything else?

    • Bruce Feher

      You’re right!