Video: Bill Clinton Smears Tea Party

The day after former President Bill Clinton was in Wisconsin smearing the Tea Party for the division and discord in American and Wisconsin politics, several self-identified Tea Partiers rebuffed him with the truth. This video shows what is wrong with America (liberal liars) versus what is so wonderful about America(nearly 4,000 people at a Tea Party Rally).

  • Barbara J Struble

    What a stalwart governor in Wisconsin. He is a real patriot.
    Alaska needs a governor like Scott Walker.

  • Red Zone Girl

    Bill Clinton knows the tea party is all about forcing our representatives to follow the constitution. That we are a true grassroots movement is all they need to know to try to discredit us. Sorry Bill, won’t work.

  • Donald Berrian

    Massachusetts did the same thing to the union employees of at the local level. It wiped out their collective bargaining agreements on health care so they could be forced to pay more. Why doesn’t Clinton come here and condemn our Democratic legislature?

  • GovtHostage

    Sorry Bill, the rhetoric ain’t gonna fly. We, the taxpayers, are tired of paying higher taxes for politicians to waste. The Tea Party members are going to hold their feet to the fire and demand accountability which you and your ilk don’t understand.

  • Chicago John

    What is in the sky over the right shoulder of man showing his patriotic T-shirt. It is visible @ 47 sec. into video.

  • I never liked Clinton’s politics but I always thought him to be an intelligent man guess I was wrong!

  • WhiteFalcon

    Bill Clinton is hard pressed to smear anyone. With his sorry record as a person and a President. he is a smear. I don’t want to be associated with his kind and I don’t know why anyone else would. The commiecrat’s last two Presidents, counting this present sorry excise, have been lawyers that have been effectively disbarred and prevented from practicing law. That is an indication of the type of slime they are composed of.