Video: Islamic Terrorist Met With Top Obama Admin. Officials

If this doesn’t prove Obama and his administration are absolutely incompetent, I don’t know what does.

Photo Credit: Bird Eye

  • Buck Crosby

    Obamass is himself , a terrorist , but he has been given a position where he can use ” executive privelage ” as his weapon to destroy the counrty , industries , the economy , and last but not least , individual Americans , whom he despise beyond reason .

    • sara

      It is time for Obama to be thrown out. I mean THROWN out. No trials.
      He is working hard to give our nation away to Islam.

  • Democrats look at what evil you have voted into the office of the President. God or anyone else would not stand for this traitor to be given another four years. If for four more years, you want be able to get him out of office, he will suspend the voting and completely take over this country as a dictator!