VIDEO: Muslims, shouting “Allahu Akbar” Stone, Curse Christians

You’ve got to see this video. It’s long, but you cannot believe that this happened in the U.S. Problems start at :54 and “stoning” begins at 9:00.

  • Boy I wonder if the Senator Murcowski has this kind of change thats coming to all the US on her Web site?

  • Ben

    When Christians carry signs warning of HELL and confront non-Christians with them, it is important to understand what they are saying. They are saying that my father, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles (and yours too if they were not Christian, or the right kind of Christian), are JUSTLY undergoing the most exquisite forms of torture imaginable for all eternity. My father with his nostrils smashed, disembowled, his fingers burned, etc. etc. for ever and ever.
    Bringing that message is gloating about your support of my grandmother’s torture/rape/evisceration at the insatiable hands of your God, who you worship. I am not a Muslim, but if a group of you sadists came around me with that message about my family, I would be inclined to want to throw a water bottle as well.

    • Dubya Bee

      Ah, yes. “I don’t like what you said, so I will will respond with violence.”

      What a good American. You must vote Democrat.

  • really i cant belive what i saw in this visio afetr usa give them citzen most of them refugees the want steel freedom and spread hate and islamic , please must this people stopped

  • I was muslim become follower of jesus christ also i had perscuted for my faith under apostasy law and i run away muslim have close mind to dominate others

  • Sarah