When Did Red China Become Our Friend?

Recently in the news, it was reported that the Pentagon discovered that about 1800 crates worth of Chinese manufactured parts for some of our technology-driven weapons are USELESS! Apparently, the companies that brought these parts into the United States didn’t bother checking these parts to see if they actually WORKED before selling them to our military. Defense contractor Raytheon is among the most prominent of these companies.

This little scandal bodes the question: why are we buying sensitive military parts (parts that are needed to make weapons work) from Red China? Apparently, we Americans are too stubborn or thick-headed to learn our lessons easily. Red China has never stopped being Red China, In the last 6 years, they have blessed us with pet ingredients that basically killed about a thousand pets. Chinese birth control for the American pet world? Tainted tooth paste, tainted and destructive drywall ( look up Chinese drywall on the internet), defective tires, and lead paint tainted toys. Golly, they must really love us to send us such “quality products” huh?!

We have taken a lot of American jobs to China; think General Electric X-ray division among other things. G.E. Gateway computers was sold to the Chinese, who now import them back to the United States. You see the words”Made in China” on just about everything you buy today because they use cheap (slave) labor and can manipulate their currency to undercut the price of just about anything anybody else makes. In case you haven’t noticed, the Chinese are really good at what the Japanese used to do: copy (and sell cheaper) items that we all use!

They have even been able to reverse-engineer a new fighter plane that is a dead ringer for our F-22 Raptor stealth fighter; imagine that? Just because Chinese agents in this country are among the busiest in the world, engaged in industrial and military espionage, nobody should be alarmed in this country-should theyt? The way it has been going lately, all the Chinese have to do is ask the Obama administration for the secrets they want, make a nice campaign donation, and boom…..there they are!

What are the Chinese doing with all their new-found economic wealth? Feeding the poor? Repairing infrastructure? Not really; they seem to be spending their money on a massive military build up. One report in the news even said that China was building a huge UNDERGROUND complex…for what? China is also building itself something it never has had…..a modern BLUE WATER NAVY! It looks as though the Chinese may be setting the stage for a future challenge to the United States in the Pacific and elsewhere.

Read More at Western Journalism. By MJ Nellett.

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  • siteunseen

    Yes, just a little head bashing like China might improve the economy, especially if you eliminate millions like China did, when they starved to death under the Communist Regime.

  • siteunseen

    BTW: China’s products are so lame that if anyone buys “Made in China” they’re probably paying twice as much as it is worth. They’re finding ways to make things so cheaply, that it isn’t worth the spending of less money to buy their products, since they’ll bite the dust before the year is ended, or 6 months. Look for “Made in America” if you can. I believe there is a Made in America Website. Products made in USA last twice as long and you pay less in the long run, since lasting will save you replacements and money in the long run.

  • Tom Ashburn

    I am a retired Raytheon employee and would comment that many of us predicted the use of Chineese parts years ago.

    The EPA has forbidden so many necessary manufacturing processes in this country that we will soon be subcontracting all defense work to the Chineese.

    Between Wall Street and the DOD attitudes and policies, companies are encouraged to go off shore and not invest in the necessary processes and equipment needed to make the US have an independent manufacturing capabilitgy.

  • WhiteFalcon

    All that since Ovomit took office. Bill Clinton sold them out guidance system for our ICBMS. Wasn’t he a great President? He also sold North Korea the nuclear reactors that they are using to make nuclear weapons. Wasn’t he a great President? They both make me want to vomit.

  • Ranel

    RED CHINA is are #1 enemy..OPEN your eyes, PLEASE AMERICANS stand up for the USA AND STOP BUYING CHINESE. We are exporting are childrens future,,cut the corporate tax to zero for wealth creation(manufacturing) and the factories will return to the USA. The current reccession will never end untill ROMNEY stands up to the Chinese as promised,,like sellouts
    Clinton,Bush,Obama) RED CHINA is the cause and corp. America will profit even in LA,Chigago and Detroit. Inner City folks doing jobs for APPLE,DALE amd IBM instead of The CHINESE ENEMY. YES ENEMY.;