Why GOP Might Accommodate Obama Yet Again

Barack Obama’s invocation of executive privilege to keep subpoenaed documents from congressional committees investigating Fast and Furious came as rather a shock to many DC observers. It wasn’t that pundits were surprised the “most transparent administration in history” had chosen to OFFICIALLY cover up the Fast and Furious affair.  After all, no one actually believed Obama’s phony openness claims in the first place.

What really confounded Administration friends and foes alike was the fact that Obama invoked the privilege in the face of such an extensive body of disapproving legal precedent. “Where there is reason to believe…documents sought may shed light on government misconduct, ‘the privilege is routinely denied…’” wrote the DC District Court of Appeals in the Clinton era US v Espy case. How could a former instructor of law make such an obvious and fundamental legal “error?”

It’s a safe bet that Eric Holder and Barack Obama worked out the executive privilege idea well in advance of the Attorney General’s scheduled meeting with Darrell Issa. It was, after all, a worst case, fallback scheme the pair undoubtedly agreed must be implemented should Oversight Committee chair Issa refuse Holder’s last-minute attempt to buffalo the Congressman and Republican leaders into accepting the AG’s testimony in lieu of subpoenaed documents.

In fact, the privilege claim was only invoked after a year of stonewalling had failed, threatening to result in an embarrassing contempt charge that even the 90% of national media types who had buried the Fast and Furious story would eventually be forced to report. Yet, although political fallout resulting from the contempt vote and the illegally advanced privilege claim would be swift, it would be NOTHING compared to the nuclear blast resulting from a release of documents that proved Obama and Holder had been in on the implementation and ensuing cover-up of the Fast and Furious debacle from the very beginning. Documents yielding such a revelation obviously had to be denied the Committee and the American public at all costs, as a loss in November might be accompanied by a stretch in Leavenworth.

Though Barack Obama knew a political firestorm would accompany his claim of executive privilege, it was a decision he was forced to make.

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  • Irving Schmidtlapp

    The guilty flee, when no-one pursues! This is misstep, it has brought the lame stream media into the foray, and that will awaken some of the folks to the situation!

  • Yvonne

    Time for truth! No more hiding for Mr Holder and Mr President both.

  • grandmaliberty

    How many times does this President get the pass go card..Proceed, prosecute, impeach..

  • Mike Mac

    Yea well after they stonewall until he looses the election what will Mitt do about making sure these two treasonists, socialist, sunzabit%$’s go to Leavenworth?! Can you say “pardon”? It’s what they ALL do for each other.

  • HadEnuf

    This has gone on beyond belief. Ihave professed, religiously, that we have the new Hitler emerging. Tell me where I’m wrong. He essentially, as he has been since he was “implanted” in POWER, has been telling the courts, senate, congress and the shreded constitution to go to hell, I’ll do as I please! When the hell is the cowardly (opposition?) going to stand up and defend the constitution and the nation from this Muslim-Marxist dictator and his communist minions?

  • dale briggs

    this would never have happened if those in charge in making sure that he was investigated and had the papers that was need to verify him as AMERICAN citizen in good standing

    • BILL


  • Its really hopeless because it’s not only the liberal democrats that are the problem all of Washington is lying cheating and character-less. If this wasn’t,t the case something would be done about all of the crap going on there. Obama must be stopped. I want to be proud of America. I’m sick of Washington.

  • Tenderfoot

    Despite AG Holder’s continued denials that he was unaware of this program until weeks after Agent Brian Terry’s death, he gave a braggadocios speech in Cuernavaca Mexico in November 2009 in which he boasted of ramping up the Gunrunner Project by adding many more personnel in various agencies. The text of his speech is included in the enclosed links, thoughtfully put together by SadHill News. See below and follow all the links:


    Understand that there was little resemblance of the Wide Receiver program conducted under the Bush Administration to the Fast & Furious Program conducted under this current Administration.

    When you check this out and follow the relevant dates and testimony, you’ll agree that it is CLEAR THAT THEN PRESS SECRETARY ROBERT GIBBS, HOMELAND SECURITY SECRETARY JANET NAPOLITANO, DEPUTY ATTORNEY GENERAL DAVID OGDEN, ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER AND (according to Deputy AG David Ogden at the White House Press Conference of March 24, 2009) EVEN PRESIDENT OBAMA KNEW AND APPROVED OF THESE FAILED PROGRAMS.

    Do you think that may be why AG Holder and the President are stonewalling???

  • hijinx60

    Everyone should have read the FIRST stimulus package. This operation was named then.. only it was called Operation Gunwalker, and 10 M was allocated for it. Obama signed the bill. I want him and Holder making little rocks out of big ones.