Will RINOS Kill Fast and Furious Probe Today?

Attorney General Eric Holder will meet with Fast and Furious nemesis Congressman Darrell Issa at 5:00 this afternoon in what could mark the end of the Congressional investigation of Barack Obama’s deadly gun smuggling scheme.

Last week, House Republican leaders at last agreed to schedule a vote on the Contempt of Congress charge Issa has long sought to bring against the Attorney General for 8 months of refusing to honor Congressional subpoenas. Deputy Attorney General James Cole quickly responded with a letter to House Government Reform Committee chair Issa, requesting a meeting to discuss ways of avoiding the vote. Issa agreed to meet with the Attorney General, but only if the Justice Department were willing to “…submit a serious proposal for how it intends to alter its refusal to produce critical documents subpoenaed by the Committee…”

One day later, on June 14th, Holder answered with a two page letter outlining the “compromise” offered by the Department. According to the Attorney General, the “extraordinary accommodation” proposed by the DOJ in that letter represents “… a serious, good faith effort to bring this matter to an amicable resolution.”

But based upon the contents of Holder’s letter, the representations of “serious” and “good faith” are outright lies. First of all, Holder’s willingness to “compromise with the Committee” is an insult to the right and authority of Congress to subpoena withheld documents. He then admits that the Department intends to provide documents that are “…outside the scope of the Committee’s interest in the inappropriate tactics used in Fast and Furious…”  In other words, they will be items which the Committee has NOT subpoenaed and in which it undoubtedly has little or no interest!

Instead, Holder will offer an understanding of how the DOJ learned of those “inappropriate tactics” and what eventually prompted it to withdraw its infamous February 4th,  2011 letter to Congress claiming no gunwalking ever took place. And what this means is obvious—the Department will simply persist in its claim that “…until allegations about the inappropriate tactics used in Fast and Furious were made public, [DOJ] leadership was unaware of those tactics.” The Department didn’t know a thing until it was published in the New York Times! 

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Photo Credit: The Aspen Institute (Creative Commons)

  • CaptTurbo

    I hope they don’t let the issue die … like so many that ended up on the wrong end of those guns Holder sent loose!

    The American public is incensed over this criminal scandal! We want heads to roll. The RINOs better realize this!

    • DocJohnM



    If there was a Republican Party, he would be in trouble. The spineless garbage won’t do anything and Boehener is owned.

  • Brian

    This is the very reason why the Tea Party is going after anyone who doesn`t hold Conservative values… No matter the party affiliation if you are part of the problem with America, you`re gonna get voted out… Maybe not this election cycle, but in up coming ones most certainly…
    We Are the Tea Party and We`re COMING To An Election Near You!!!

    • P Barros

      Well stated, my friend. The Tea Party is the last hope we have!!

      What little faith I have in this government is hanging by a thread. We will soon find out if our government is above our laws. I know, it is a stupid comment; of course they are above our laws!!

  • Jeff

    America is broken beyond repair. Our Constitution is meaningless to those in power. Too many Americans are on the dole and the numbers are growing. Our government is interested only in the consolidation of power. Our electoral process is increasingly subject to abuse and no-one is interested in enforcing the laws of our nation when those in power ignore the supreme law… our Constitution.

  • Robert Young

    How do We, the People, our United States Citizen Voters, get Boehner removed as Speaker of the House? We need a Constitutional Conservative Speaker of the House. One name that comes to mind as a possible replacement is Col. West.

    • Richard Failing

      Yes, a man like Col West. Now there’s an American who isn’t moved by the bs we see going on today. We need a man like him as Speaker and we need Constitutional Conservative leadership. I’d support Col West any day hands down.

    • DocJohnM

      I concur but I haven’t the foggiest notion how it could be done. Col. West is a good man and an excellent choice.

  • HadEnuf

    The “Re-PUNK-licans” will cave in, again as usual. There needs to be a message sent to them and I suggest voting every incumbent out of office. The country is finished if the regime is not held accountable for this one! AMERIKA has become ruled by men rather than law. Adious amigos!

  • DocJohnM

    I implore Congress not to give in to more of Holder’s lies and refusal to produce documents. If Congress gives in to Holder, refusing to hold him in contempt then the entire system is broken and these career politicians need to be replaced! If Holder walks then it is not a democratic problem but rather the corruption goes all the way to the top and on both sides of the isle.