• CaptTurbo

    This from a guy who voted for a pile of camel dung.

  • There is currently inhabiting our white house, an illegal alien – muslim / marxist / ?????? Peace,

    • Okie

      Get into YouTube under “Obama” and there are videos of him admitting that he is a Muslim and he was born in Kenya and NOT a Us citizen…!!!

  • Sam

    Nice try JOE. Have you run out of things to write about?

  • When this sorry half-breed excuse for a human being that currently props his nasty feet on every desk, table and chair in the White House releases
    ALL of the stuff he has spent millions to secure then he has room to talk.

  • Hank

    What a crock– Abrams and the libs can only find one SUSPICIOUS thing to challenge Romney on while Obama has dozens that they’ve ignored / covered up for nearly four years? They really are the definition of LAME.

  • raynbene

    Why doesn’t he check out the finances of some of the richer dimocraps, like pelousy, reid, kerry, obuma himself, soem of the union thugs….???
    How’s, those offshore investments workin’ out for ya, nanzi ???
    Their hypocrisy and contempt for law and order know no limits ! !

  • gadfly32

    in had proving he was “natural born”

    • gadfly32

      what happened to my post????

  • gadfly32

    It does not matter if obama was born on American soil. He is not a natural born citizen. to be “natural born”, your Father and Mother must be American citizens and you must be born on American soil.
    Look at the problems McCain had proving he was “natural Born”.

    • USLiberty

      You are absolutely correct. He is NOT qualified to be the president of the USA.

  • tommyboy

    All those involved with getting this fraud elected and those who gave financial support should be prosecuted and if found guilty. jailed and fined according to their means.

  • tommyboy

    If he is a fraud then all of his policies and executive orders are fraudulent and should be declared null and void. Another words, let’s start over and consider the last3.5 years a total waste.