Abortion backers assault more pro-lifers in recent violent assaults

In recent days we have reported on the assault of a pro-life protester (caught on video and followed by arrest) and the vandalization of a pro-life leader’s home.

Here are two more attacks by abortion supporters against pro-lifers to report.

The first occurred June 30 and is in follow-up to my story that pro-life activists planned to distribute flyers outing country singer JoDell Nauert as the owner of three abortion clinics at an Independence Day gig.

This was ironically a charity event for a group supporting handicapped children and adults.

Six pro-lifers paid to enter the event and were in the process of distributing tracts when organizers asked them to leave, which they did.

But one of those pro-lifers, Steve Kinn (above right) is a disabled veteran who walks with a cane due to injuries sustained to both his knees. When he didn’t exit fast enough, the property owner allegedly shoved him, making him fall to the ground and reinjure one of his reconstructed knees to the extent he had to be taken out in an ambulance.

It was of no help that a police officer threatened to arrest Kinn for trespassing both before and after he reached the hospital.

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Photo credit: tobyjmarks

  • Next, the baby slaughterers will want security guards to protect them while they are attacking pro-life people just as the Republican – mafia needs more security to attack freedom loving people at their state and national conventions. Peace,

  • CSN

    If they can murder innocent unborn babies, what will they do to us, who seek to defend them. These people are diabolically possessed, so don’t expect them to treat you well. Remember they put Jesus on a cross, because he cured the Lame, Blind, Sick and told them the Truth about sin. Anyone who rains on the Pro-Aborts parade, gets smacked. God is the avenger, and believe me, it won’t go well for them in the next world, if they don’t repent now.