Alaska’s GOP Rep. Young endorses extreme-liberal Democrat for US Senate (+video)

Today, Alaska’s long-time lone U.S. Representative Don Young endorsed pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion, and pro-Obamacare Democrat Mazie Hirono in the contested U.S. Senate Race in Hawaii.  Young’s shocking support of a liberal Democrat is even more surprising given the fact that this candidate received an “F – –” – that’s right an, F minus minus – from Gun Owners of America.

This fall, Hirono will face one of two Republicans in the general, either pro-life former state legislator John Carroll or former GOP Governor Linda Lingle.

In the below-advertisement for liberal Hirono, Representative Young explains that his support for Hirono arises out of their bipartisan efforts on native issues.  In other words, they’ve been working aggressively together to continue the cycle of government dependency in Alaska and Hawaii.  And just why is Representative Young so confident that he’ll escape accountability this fall for his endorsement of a Democratic US Senate candidate that supports all the wrong issues?  Because he apparently believes any successful Alaskan candidate needs only the support of the crony capitalists, establishment types, and Alaska native corporations to win.  Looks like Don Young thinks he learned something from Alaska’s 2010 US Senate race.

Here’s the video:

  • johnrcox

    Joe, what can I say, I’m speechless!

  • This is exactly why Don Young needs to go. His piliging of our money and our state resources is another reason. If he can’t work for us he needs to join some one elses party and he should not recieve retirement he has been PAID.

  • Carl Olson

    Don Young also favors the giveaway of 7 US/Alaskan islands and their oil-rich seabeds to the Russians. It’s being done in the State Department guise of a maritime boundary agreement that puts those 7 American islands on the Russian side. The legislatures of Alaska and California overwhelmingly oppose it. It could be stopped with the stroke of a pen by President Obama or Secretary Clinton. I urge them to stop this mind-numbing foreign policy and energy fiasco.

  • AKbrednborn

    Isn’t there ANYONE who can run and defeat this man? I’ve been so sick of his arrogance for years and now this! We desperately need someone else to vote for! Term limits already!!

  • pearl

    If Alaskans don’t vote him out, they are a bunch of idiots. Or else your election process is so rigged, there is no hope to ever get representation for the people.

  • Chucknalaska

    Is anyone really suprised?

  • Friestowasilla

    It is way past time for Don Young to go!! Okay, Alaska, let’s get together and replace him with a Republican with real Repblican values!

  • Dustin Howard

    I really thought she said he could be an a$$h0le; the second time I heard her say handful. You hear what you want to hear. RUN JOE RUN!!