‘Catholic’ Pelosi calls GOP bill to cut off Planned Parenthood funding ‘an immorality’

Leave it to former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to get it backwards. The “Catholic” Democrat is upset House Republicans this week approved a bill that includes language cutting off funding for Planned Parenthood unless it stops doing abortions.

Instead of lamenting the immorality of abortion, she calls the bill an “immorality,” according to a CNS News report. The bill also withdraws funding for the Obamacare law that includes abortion funding and potential rationing.

Pelosi said, “The defunding of Planned Parenthood, which is part of what their mark-up was about, was it yesterday that they officially marked up? Yesterday, that was, I know was in the mix, I didn’t know if they were finished with it, that mark up.”

“The bill is — what they marked up is really, in my view, an immorality,” Pelosi said. “An immorality to ignore scientific opportunity to make the American people healthier. Things like that I think are an immorality. However, it doesn’t happen to be a priority for the Republicans.”

The Labor, Health and Human Services Appropriations Subcommittee approved their FY13 spending bill. During consideration, pro-life Republicans on the panel turned back two pro-abortion amendments from Democrats.

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    As a Traditional Catholic, I believe it is my duty to inform everyone that Nancy Pelosi, according to the Code of Canon Law, is automatically “Excommunicated” from the Church and should not be able to receive Holy Communion or participate in any of the Sacraments of the Church, until such time as she gets permission from the local Ordinary, which would be a Bishop, to have the Excommunication lifted, since she is collaborting in abortion and promoting it, as well as actively involved in sanctioning it against the wishes of the Catholic Church. This is no light matter. Anyone who gives that woman Holy Communion and knowingly does so, is also under the same excommunication. The progressive Cathoic’s are not Catholic’s at all, but rather Demonic Masonic infiltrators who have undermined the fabric of the Church in Rome, and hopefully Elias will come and restore all things soon.