Democrats demand that Romney release taxes but refuse to release their own

Members of Congress are demanding that U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney give full disclosure of all of his tax returns, but most are refusing to publicize their own.

The presumptive presidential nominee has disclosed his 2010 tax return and 2011 tax return estimate, but refuses to publicize any more. His refusal is generating critical responses from Congressional members, who claim his secrecy makes him unfit to run for president.

However most members of Congress do not think that this same level of transparency should apply to them. While senators and representatives are required to publicize their sources of income, they are not required to disclose their tax returns, which contain additional financial data like spousal income.

McClatchy has asked all 535 members of Congress for full disclosure of their tax returns, but only 17 have complied.

Among those who refused are Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Harry Reid – both of which have heavily criticized Romney for his limited transparency.

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Photo credit: dannymac15_1999

  • rmwayne

    It’s the same old crap as always from these communist pigs. They demand this or that from the right and then it’s a whole different story when we demand the same from them. Just look at their boy squatting illegally in the White House. His whole past is a mystery and the media and his handlers have given us nothing but lies about him.

  • gwedem5995

    But dumb Debbie of Florida made the most stupid argument about not releasing hers. She said she didn’t have to because she wasn’t running for President, thank goodness for that. Doesn’t she realize she is an elected official also. I keep hearing for years that America is getting dumber and dumber and I sincerely believe this just by the results of so many of our elections. Dumb people vote in dumb people.

  • Carol

    Washington is so full of hypocrites on both sides. They should be in Hollywood.